Camelot National Lottery accounts hacked

By Dhanum Nursigadoo
26,500 accounts have been accessed after the UK national lottery provider was hacked.

The provider has 9.5million accounts in total and noticed the data breach on Monday, downplaying the incident in an official statement, Camelot said: “we became aware of suspicious activity on a very small proportion of our players’ online National Lottery Accounts.”

Camelot is reporting that only 50 accounts have had any activity take place since the hack, mainly alterations to personal details, and was quick to point out that it could be legitimate activity by the players themselves.

No money has reportedly been taken or deposited into accounts but Camelot comments: “we do believe that this attack may have resulted in some of the personal information that the affected players hold in their online account being accessed.”

Camelot is contacting all effected account holders and implementing a mandatory password change across the accounts.

The hackers did not access the core National Lottery systems or any of its databases, which would affect draws or payment of prizes.

Camelot is investigating how the breach took place, with the dominant theory at the moment being that players reused the same email address and password combination for the National Lottery from another website that had been previously breached.


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