DraftKings dismay by online gaming label

By Harrison Sayers
The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has raised DraftKings' hackles over its new proposal to label the service as online gaming.

“At this time, the Special Commission recommends legalising DFS as a subset of online gaming” stated the Commission’s recent report, and a vote on the proposal is scheduled for 31 July 2017.

DraftKings has been known to spend vast amounts on lobbying themselves as a pure skill-based game, leading James Chisholm, DFS Director of Public Affairs to declare in an official statement: “We fundamentally disagree with some of the recommendations in the Commission’s draft report, particularly its proposal to define fantasy sports as ‘online gaming.’ No other state in the country has characterised fantasy sports this way.” He goes on to claim that they have “300 employees from 79 cities and towns across the state” and that the decision could jeopardise their “ability” to stay in the state.

The future of both DraftKings and gambling in Massachusetts face uncertain times ahead as the Commission looks to begin regulating the Gaming industry more closely.


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