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NEWS 28 July 2017
Western Lotto Nigeria launches US and European lottery brands
By Harrison Sayers
With the technical support of Lot.To (UK), entertainment and gaming company Western Lotto Nigeria Limited (WLN) have now launched on the Nigerian market.

Firms offering lotto and lotteries have grown in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa, with eight companies now in the Nigerian market, each offering a mix of games.

WLN secured the exclusive franchise to operate its games in the Nigerian market. It claims to be the biggest, most equipped and most capitalised gaming company in Nigeria.

WLN will also be offering well-known European and American gaming brands on its platform, such as Powerball, Euro Millions and Mega Millions. It is also luring customers to go entirely online.

Mr. Elvis Krovokuca, Managing Director, said: "Western Lotto seeks through its products to create employment opportunities, wealth and empowerment for people in Nigeria and across Africa." He added, "Our mandate at Western Lotto is to bring both fun and hope to the people who choose to play our games. For a few Nairas, we deliver excitement and the possibility to change the story of your life radically."

IN-DEPTH 21 February 2018
Blockchain: Better the Devil you know?
´╗┐The battle of the blockchain rages on. The technology that underpins cryptocurrency has proved deeply divisive, both in the gaming industry and wider financial markets. Up until now blockchain has suffered from a reputation as a tool for circumvention of controls and a platform for the underworld, but could the decentralised and transparent nature of the technology transform the gaming landscape as it promises? We asked two of the world's leading experts on blockchain gaming if it has finally come of age