Spain takes step towards joint online poker liquidity

By Harrison Sayers
Spain, along with the other countries, is looking to expand its pool of online poker players by opening its virtual doors to neighbours. By doing so it would help emulate and compete with the UK which already allows for international players to play in their online poker rooms.

Spain, Portugal, France and Italy have been working hard of late to pass legislation surrounding the future of online poker in Europe.

Last Friday Spain took a huge step towards the goal of shared online poker liquidity by passing a resolution which will face public debate in the upcoming weeks. The deadline for discussion is 1 October 2017 which also gives us a good guideline as to when this resolution will become law.

Although the resolution still has some way to go before becoming law, it would create huge potential benefits as a result of the agreement. The deal has the potential to buck the trend of declining online poker use in Spain which has seen 23 of its 27 online poker registered companies close.

General Director of the Spanish Gaming Organisation (Ordenacion del Juego) stated on their website: “This resolution expressly authorises the development of online poker with a different liquidity type than the one which derives from the participation of players with Spanish user registration in accordance to the default conditions.”


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