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NEWS 8 February 2018
Betway brings its affiliate program in house
By Robert Simmons
Sports betting company Betway has confirmed the start of a process to bring its affiliate program fully in-house.

Betway’s affiliate partners will now be fully managed by the operator to more closely monitor affiliate programs in changing regulatory landscapes across several of its operational territories.

At a time when the affiliate sector is in a transitional period, many programs including big names like PaddyPowerBetfair have chosen to enforce tougher restrictions on their affiliate partners, prompting many to leave the affiliate industry, while some affiliates like Sky Betting and Gaming’s affiliate program have closed all together.

The move will see a migration of work from its current affiliate partner manager, Buffalo Partners, into Betway Partners which will then manage the affiliate program moving forward.

Transfer of business will begin on March 1st 2018 and Betway has confirmed that it has already informed its current affiliate partners of the changes and how it will affect them.

Announcing the development, Anthony Werkman, CEO of Betway, said: “Managing the affiliate sector is vital in maintaining Betway’s values, so to ensure we remain fully compliant with changing regulatory requirements we will be formally bringing our affiliate programme in-house.

“We value our affiliate partners greatly and look forward to working with them over the next few years in order to grow this successful area of the business.

“In doing so we will be focusing on delivering the highest regulatory standards in all our markets as well as ensuring that a clearer alignment with Betway values and systems is in place, and through that greater overall transparency and accountability is achieved. We will continue to work alongside regulatory bodies to ensure a safe and fair environment for all.”

As part of this process, Betway will also offer affiliates across all its operational jurisdictions continued assistance as it begins the process of managing them in-house.

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IN-DEPTH 21 February 2018
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