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NEWS 15 February 2018

Japanese Government may limit casino visits to ten times a month

By Caroline Watson
In a bid to combat problem gambling, the Japanese Government have announced plans to potentially limit casino visits to ten times per month.

Government officials presented plans to ruling lawmakers on Thursday in the hopes of tackling the region’s problem gambling epidemic. However, the plan has already come up against opposition, with the Liberal Democratic Party, led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, saying the envisioned restriction is too strict.

Under the plan, put forward by the government to the LDP and its junior coalition partner Komeito, up to three visits would be allowed in seven consecutive days and ten visits every month.

The plan would limit both nationals and foreigners living in Japan alike. Nonetheless, the government hopes in implementing the limitation, existing casinos will attract more foreign tourists as they will be exempt from the plan.

Despite the differing opinions within Japan’s government, negotiations will continue. If the plan is passed by the two ruling parties, the government can add such entrance restrictions to a bill on the rules to introduce casino gambling.

In addition, the plans also seek to keep track of the casino visits by using identity cards issued by the government, which each have embedded IC chips.

Furthermore, the government has also set a 15,000 square meter limit on the size of any given casino, and it should not exceed 3% of the land space of any integrated resort it is part of.

Through further deliberations with the ruling parties, the government is hoping to incorporate other rules in the bill, including admission fees for Japanese visitors and the number of places where casinos can be built.
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