ASA bans “irresponsible” Kwiff advert and issues warning over future conduct

By Tim Poole

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a Kwiff television advert broadcast in June, warning the gambling operator over its future conduct.

The advert showed players referencing the excitement and “buzz” of betting with Kwiff, where original offers of 5/1 odds were “supercharged” to prices such as 100/1.

A complaint was made to the ASA suggesting the promotion “portrayed, condoned or encouraged” socially irresponsible gambling behaviour.

In response, Kwiff said it intended to show how real customers felt experiencing its app, citing real testimonials rather than any scripted acting.

However, the ASA has judged that the Kwiff advert bore association with problem gambling and concluded it was “irresponsible.”

The ASA’s course of action has been to ban the advert from appearing again in its current form. The regulator has also told Kwiff to ensure it does not condone betting in ways that could be “financially, socially or emotionally harmful" during future advertising.


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