NSoft is hiring again

Got what it takes?

If you want to work in collaborative and sunny environment where opportunities are offered, skills are stretched, excellence is rewarded and flexible workspace to suit your ever-expanding needs is guaranteed, you might be the one we are looking for!

Grab your sunglasses, your future is bright!

To find it out, check it on NSoft.com.

NSoft is one of the fastest growing IT companies in Gambling Industry. Last year we hired 50 people who helped us multiply our business and now we are hiring 100 people in 2016 to go beyond our dreams. Now is the time to join us, we are making it big!

NSoft provides top quality software solutions for gaming and betting industry, including platform, virtual games, sportsbook, and lotteries.

Our success story is not something that happened by chance. A combination of great products, great people, and great culture played a key role in our growth. We understand that strong and long-term partnerships are essential for further development, so we joined forces with world’s leading sport data provider - Sportradar. This means our products are available through Sportradar’s sales channels.

Our ambition is to continue building value for customers, stakeholders and partners. You are more than welcome to join us on the journey.


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