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Sirplay will open an office in Argentina

Tuesday 4th October 2016
Sirplay's plans of expansion in Latin America have been moving forward resolutely. The breaking news about the partnership between the Maltese company, provider of sports betting software, and Grupo Slots in Argentina, got great approval recently and it is still catching the interest and curiosity of the people involved in this industry.

At this regard, Sirplay is proceeding towards two different directions: on the one hand the Company is working on the technical project developing some new features which will be delivered in four different phases, the platform will include the Casino Games, Live Casino Games, Virtual Games and prepaid scratch cards.

On the other hand, the Company is intensively working in order to carry out the operations needed to set up the office in Argentina. Sirplay aims at being always available on the ground not only as a well-known brand, but also with dedicated Technical Support and Customer Care Teams. Indeed, in the next year, Sirplay is going to expand its team hiring new employees, in particular local operators, who will be able to provide technical support tailored for the Argentinian market.

Sirplay CEO Bart Esposito said, “Ensuring a physical presence in Argentina through the opening of an office in its territory is a strategically important step for Sirplay, especially in light of the recent agreements. In fact, these open the prospect of an incisive participation of our company in the Argentinian market, and here came the decision to anchor the presence of Sirplay in an even more effective way”.

The new office, which will be opened in the next year, will also be the seat of teams dedicated to Technical Support and Customer Care in particular, finding in the physical presence on the territory an important opportunity to improve the efficiency and quality of services provided to our clients.