The technology to face the new needs of the .it market

In conformity with the regulations imposed by ADM - Authority of Customs and Monopoly – BtoBet’s platform will assist Italian operators to ride the new business opportunities in the .IT space

Mobile users in Italy are about 50 million and statistics are predicting to reach 51.3 million in two years. The penetration of smartphones in the country hit the 62% this year and will be around the 68.5% in 2018. If we consider Social Media, Italy counts 23.3 million subscribers while the number increases up to nearly 40 million when analyzing the Online (65.6% of the population).

Online and mobile connections in the country are very popular and by the end of this year, the Italian authority for the regulated market will release 15 thousand permits for betting - corner shops and 120 licenses for the online gaming, allowing new gaming opportunities. At this point, being compliant with the low won’t be enough for the Italian operators and they will look for an advanced technology that enables them to face the emerging market’s requirements.

In fact, the evolution of iGaming and sports betting technology in recent years has encouraged a transformation of player expectations. Players wish to encounter the same brand with the same offer on each channel. At the same time, from a management perspective, operators experience the problem of administering multiple systems that are integrated at the front-end, but separate on the back-end. This means that operators require a valid omnichannel solution that allows them to have a single back-end from which to administer all channels.

Btobet’s CEO, Alessandro Fried, said: “Our Omnichannel concept offers players the best possible experience, and operators the greatest insight into their player behavior to drive revenues. It enables the evolution of physical bet-shops into intelligent shops via a single channel, integrating web and physical stores by giving the opportunity to better understand players. This process allows operators to deliver the right product at the ideal time for every single customer.”


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