BtoBet - "The future of the omnichannel approach - put the player at the centre."

During the numerous conferences on the most interesting topics of the industry at SiGMA - Summit iGaming Malta - the importance of the Omnichannel solution for land based and online operators has emerged.

Alessandro Fried, BtoBet CEO and panelist at the conference said that “Omnichannel sports betting” highlighted “retail operators are not directly focused on the player at the moment because of a lack of instruments. Their clients are anonymous pointers; they do not have any data and they cannot build any strategy on the player himself. In some cases, retail operations are multichannel, with different independent channels totally disconnected between each other. The future of Retail is the Omnichannel approach which puts the player at the centre, independently of the channel the player will use.”

Commenting on the trend, Fried added, “In an Omnichannel environment the platform is able to track the player on all the channels, to provide the operator cross channel data analysis tools and give him the possibility to improve his retention strategies and cross channel services.”

Nowadays, everybody is talking about Omnichannel, but not many operators or providers are ready for this. Till today, the platforms available on the market are built for a specific channel. In many cases, operators use a different platform for each channel or adapt a platform to be used in a multichannel environment. But this is far away from a multichannel solution.

BtoBet will give additional insight into the topic at the EEGS - East European Gaming Summit in Sofia, tomorrow 22nd November. BtoBet’s Head of Product Development, Vasilije Shkoro will be a panelist at the conference “Channelization of Gaming experience” at 17.15 - 18.00 at Inter Expo Centre, to further discuss with other professionals the importance of the Omnichannel solution to drive revenues in the gaming industry.


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