InBet games is excited to introduce another new 3D virtual game – The 3D Dogs Race

3D Dogs Race game is an amazing virtual dogs race simulation that makes a player’s pulse go up higher with every second of the game. A player is drawn in the game from its very start, as six tough-looking, athletic, lean greyhound dogs dash off from the start line of a racing track. In this fast, intense and energetic race, only one will end up as an absolute winner.

The competitive spirit spurs up the hardy, muscular dogs as they gallop through the track attempting to get ahead of one another. This adrenaline-boosting game will test a better’s nerve, as the dogs’ speed reach the highest limit in a relentless rivalry to attain the highest rank in this super Greyhound 3D Dogs race.

As the race intensifies, and the bet on dog approaches the finishing line, a better is bound to feel the exhilarating victorious thrill!

Stunning 3D graphics, great, vigor-inducing background sound effects, fantastic animation features and multiple camera angles will make a better feel the real dog races environment. With 3D Dogs Race Game, there is no need to spend time to travel for betting on real-life races, as you can enjoy the real experience of a race in progress, and make repeated bets as many times as you want!


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