SiGMA 2017: BtoBet changes Technology’s conception of the expo floor

The multinational company BtoBet is bringing a splash of showmanship to SiGMA this year. The company is set to bring a unique splash of theatre to Malta, in staging a spectacular dance production that is not to be missed by attendees.

Through the medium of dance, BtoBet will interpret the essence of digital transformation, depicting how the rapid technological advancements can change nearly every aspect of your life.

For the first time in the gambling industry, the technology will become action and be live through Art, Music and Dance.

On 23 and 24 November, at the MFCC, every hour, Gianluca Blandi - an eclectic choreographer and dancer, promoting international dance festivals in New York and Europe - together with a group of skilled and flexuous dancers coming from Las Vegas, Mexico, Malta and Italy, will be performing at the BtoBet stand.

Commenting on the disruptive performance organised by BtoBet, sponsoring SiGMA 2017, the CMO Sabrina Soldá, highlighted:

“In a B2B environment, where everything is technical and ruled by numbers and algorithms, being disruptive marks a big difference in the technology’s outcomes: digital transformation is progressing and is going to change every aspect of the business and of life. I firmly believe the creative thinking and a fast adaptability are the only ways to succeed in a time of significant changes.”


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