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Comtrade Gaming announces tie-up with Tatts Group

Thursday 14th December 2017
Comtrade Gaming have announced that their G2S System Protocol will form a part of Tatts Group’s newly implemented MAXsys monitoring system for New South Wales, Australia. MAXsys will span over 2,500 gaming venues and 95,000 gaming machines.

Created along GSA Standards, the G2S System Protocol enables two-way communication between EGM platforms and host systems.

Comtrades’ G2S Protocol Engine is designed for operators or regulators who want to extend their existing host system with G2S capabilities and enables them to connect, monitor and manage electronic gaming machines (EGM). Comtrade Gaming’s Protocol Engine is an efficient way to upgrade existing central monitoring and game management systems.

In a statement announcing the deal, Igor Rus, Director of Systems at Comtrade Gaming said: “We are excited to be included in Tatts Group’s venture and congratulate all the teams that were involved in developing MAXsys.”

“With years of successful operation in many regulated environments, we are honoured to be present in an innovation-focused Australian jurisdiction. Comtrade Gaming’s G2S System Protocol reinforces industry priorities including download functionality, media window features and other player engagement modules.”

Frank Makryllos, COO of Tatts Group added: “Our latest system implementation MAXsys provides a technology platform which facilitates ongoing innovation in our industry.”

“Working with Comtrade Gaming continues to provide benefits to our business and our aspirations. Comrade’s technology expertise makes them a valued partner. The MAXsys monitoring system will set the standard for all future projects and I am proud of what we were able to achieve.”