LVision to release its new tennis product, turning streaming in to data

The world of Tennis is about to change after LVision's last week release, revealing its new AI (artificial intelligence) tool, converting real time streaming in to data feeds.

"We are the first in the market to offer this kind of solution, which provides something new and exciting. When punters visit betting sites with LVision, they are inundated with crucial information; they see exactly where the ball is, its speed, shot statistics, heat maps of players positions and ball landings" Dotan Lazar, Co-Founder at LVision.

The new product will be covering an average of 1,000 events per month, with some of the leading sportsbooks already taking steps to integrate the feeds into their platforms, the future of tennis looks promising.

LVision will offer its feeds through Lsports (Lsports owns the exclusive rights of selling the data parties in the betting industry)

The feed also has room to evolve to a variety of new sports, including those in the US market. We believe these are incredibly exciting times for LVision as a company.


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