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avid Jacques, DEQ CTO, says casinos are in grave need of table game innovation

The table game segment of the gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace. Inventors and corporate research and development teams are continuously coming up with new ways to entertain and keep money flowing through the pit. DEQ has strategically adapted to these new methods as millennials move in and the industry craves the need to visually capture the player’s attention.

DEQ spends a great deal of time analysing anywhere from 100-200 games per year, odds are few or possibly none of these will be a hit but we gamble on the chance that at least one of them is.

New technology is a large area where DEQ invests time strategically in order to create and develop the next game changer at the table. From the tech savvy Millennials to old style poker players, we want to make sure that DEQ will be at the centre of all table game technology.

Giving you options

Table game players have been limited for too long in their choice of bonusing and rewards at the table. From manual player ratings to single “coin spots”, a single jackpot side wager, this part of the business hasn’t changed much over the last few years. The easy answer to the need for innovation in the pit has been: “It’s not going to work with conventional table games players” for too long. Slots and electronic table game products have been offering a wide range of innovations to their specific crowds, but the hard core live table game clientele have been served the “same old same old” for a long time.

To their defence, casino operators have been offered the same old technology and forced to use unique style of bonusing at the table by big suppliers. Now more than ever they are looking for new ways to attract and keep players at their properties with new bonusing systems, innovative jackpot options and different betting configuration choices at their tables.

Our R&D labs have been focused on multiple new technology products targeted to innovative bonusing capabilities serving various types of markets and giving options to operators for their players. Why would a table game player be forced to wager on one single specific jackpot and for only one specific denomination? Why is the life changing event random progressives restricted to slots players? Table game players deserve it too.

New technology on table games

Over the last two years, DEQ R&D labs have been working on the next generation table game bonusing platform: PRSM Progressive System. With novelties like multiple coin spots for each player, multi-denomination side wagers and the most advanced multi-level progressive engine for tables ever built, this new platform is aiming at giving an innovative electroshock to the pit.

Not only can casinos now offer more options at the table to increase their revenue but now they do not have to do it at the expense of players spending more. The magic is created by giving them choices. By giving them the choice of betting more, betting on different events or aiming for a life-changing jackpot, players are more subject to take advantage of it and come back to the property. Even if only 20-25% of them take the opportunity to use the newly offered choice, that’s money in the bank for the operators.

With the deployment of our PRSM Progressive System, DEQ now offers a wide range of performance improvements, security, optimisation of operator’s workflow and tracking analytics. That side of the business has also been craving for innovation that supports their operation needs and increase their efficiency.

Adapting to global needs

With the new capabilities of the PRSM Progressive System, DEQ offers market-specific features that were not thinkable before. Again, operators around the world have been served the same flavour of bonusing features at the table. While every operator knows that what may work in Asia might never work in North America and vice-versa with Europe, South America or Africa. Manufacturers in the past kept on forcing the same receipt everywhere. Our latest platform allows us to individually tailor bonusing options for market specific needs and increase revenue in these regions.

Future of technology on table games

We’ve come a long way from the old days of a side wager circle on the table layout or from the old “coin drop” style progressive. Operators and Players are ready for the next leap of innovation. These are definitely exciting times for table game inventors and technology providers. The state of the market drives the need for innovation forward, operators are looking for the perfect fit of technology, bonusing and a good dose of good old fashion “cards and chips” feeling at the table. Over the next few months, DEQ will unveil a wide range of games and technology products that will present a perfect combination of respect for table game player’s interests, increase of player’s excitement in the pit and revenue generating ideas for operators.

David Jacques has over 20 years of experience in gaming technology strategic planning , R&D project management and software engineering applied to computer graphics, real-time systems and object oriented design
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