3 July, 2023

Marina Ostrovtsova BGaming: Evolving the team structure

A few months on from her ICE London interview at the Gambling Insider booth, we catch up with BGaming CEO Marina Ostrovtsova for a H1 update.

How has 2023 treated BGaming so far?

BGaming’s year has been fantastic, with both quantitative and qualitative expansion. We have strengthened our leadership team with significant C-level appointments, bringing fresh perspectives and expertise. In game development, we constantly explore new mechanics, pushing innovation and delivering captivating experiences. We stay ahead of industry trends, explore new markets and use advanced analytics tools to understand player preferences.

Our streaming initiatives have seen remarkable growth, engaging players and influencers, and creating a strong bond with the streaming community. We actively participate in exhibitions in Europe and Latin America, and enter new markets to showcase our products and establish partnerships.

What regions are you expanding into and how much emphasis are you placing on the hot topic of Latin America?

Latin America is a key market for us, and we have dedicated resources and efforts to tap into its potential. With its large and dynamic nature, Latin America offers tremendous growth opportunities for the gaming industry. We recognise the importance of this region and are committed to establishing a strong foothold.

In terms of our expansion strategy, we are actively focusing on expanding our footprint in Latin America by partnering with key operators and participating in industry events specific to the region. We understand that player preferences in Latin America differ from those in other regions, and we are actively working on adapting our game portfolio, to cater to the unique needs and preferences of Latin American players.

Localisation is a crucial aspect of our approach. We have translated approximately 90% of our portfolio into multiple languages, including Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, to ensure a seamless and immersive gaming experience for players in Latin America. We are excited about the potential growth and success in the Latin American market and remain dedicated to delivering gaming experiences that resonate with players in the region.

We are delighted to ongratulate our colleague, Yulia Aliakseyeva, on her new role as Co-CPO at BGaming

How is your team structure progressing?

We are thrilled to see the evolution of our team structure at BGaming. In 2022, we experienced significant growth, doubling our workforce. Currently, we have a team of more than 120 experts, consisting of a perfect blend of seasoned professionals with years of experience and talented young individuals who bring fresh perspectives to game development. With the arrival of our new CCO, Norder, our sales and business development teams have expanded even further, welcoming new members from diverse parts of the world, such as Spain and the United Kingdom. As an employer, we are also elevating our standards by attracting employees with deep industry expertise.

We are delighted to congratulate our colleague, Yulia Aliakseyeva, on her new role as Co-CPO at BGaming. Yulia has been with us since the inception of the studio, and we are thrilled to retain such dedicated talent. Over the past year, many members of our team have progressed up to team lead positions and are now building their own teams. It’s pleasing to witness this growth and to know that many of our team members have advanced within the company.

Can you tell us a little more about your partnerships with the Casinolytics platform?

Our partnership with the Casinolytics platform has been incredibly valuable. Casinolytics has been a long-standing friend and business soulmate, sharing our passion for innovation and data-driven decision making. Casinolytics has been instrumental in helping us become experts in the growing live-streaming space, particularly in casino streaming on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Their deep understanding of the livestreaming market and their expertise in analysing player behaviour has allowed us to tailor our game offerings and marketing strategies, to effectively engage with our target audience.

In 2023, we are excited to expand our partnership with Casinolytics as co-organisers of events for streamers from around the world. One notable event is the Streamer Battle, a series of competitions for streamers with a combined prize pool of £201,240 ($250,000). By hosting these events, we aim to not only support and empower streamers but also create a vibrant and engaged community of players who are enthusiastic about our games.

How is your overall collaboration with streamers going?

As a game developer, we recognise the immense value that online casino streamers bring to the iGaming industry. They are not only sought-after affiliates for operators but also trusted influencers for players. Our collaboration with streamers has been instrumental in spreading awareness of our games, and creating a loyal following among players. We have established close partnerships with over 500 streamers who regularly broadcast BGaming’s games to their audiences. These collaborations have helped us gain valuable feedback, improve our products and refine our marketing strategies. Through our partnerships with the Scatters Club and Casinolytics, we have successfully hosted major events for streamers, offering substantial prize pools and attracting participation from prominent streamers worldwide.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2023, we are committed to further strengthening our collaboration with streamers. We have exciting plans in place, including five competitions and a grand award among streamers within the Scatters Club community. Additionally, we extend an invitation to operators and providers to join us as partners in these events, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.

Finally, what are you aiming to achieve with your exclusive casino games – and also the challenges, jackpots and tournaments you provide for player activation?

Our primary goal is to give players a truly unique and exceptional gaming experience. In a crowded market, it is essential to stand out and that’s precisely what our brand-exclusive and customised games allow us to do. These games have become a hallmark of BGaming, distinguishing us from the competition and attracting players who seek innovative and engaging content. To enhance player engagement and retention, we have developed a comprehensive player activation program that includes challenges, jackpots and tournaments. By participating in these activities, players have the opportunity to compete, win exciting prizes and immerse themselves in a thrilling gaming environment. We believe that such initiatives not only keep players entertained but also foster a sense of loyalty and connection with a brand.