NOV DEC 2022

Editors Letter

The contrasts between the panel discussions at G2E Asia and G2E Las Vegas could not have been starker this year. While US execs exulted in the staying power and diversity of Vegas, analysts at the Marina Bay Sands mainly debated exactly when Macau can expect a return to pre-pandemic revenue levels. It's a debate that will rage on for some time, with many now suggesting new regulations in Macau – alongside justified restrictions on junket operators – will prevent it from ever reaching its former heights. But that's where Singapore and the Philippines come into the picture, ready to pounce and search for the golden path to the summit of Asian gaming. This is exactly why our November/December issue, which rounds off 2022, will focus mainly on the Asian continent, with our cover feature zoning in on the Philippines, Singapore and Macau.

Our brilliant Gambling Insider staff writers explore the biggest issues at the heart of these markets, with help from some of each region's most renowned analysts. The Asia theme does not stop there, however, as we hear from Vicky Chan of Asia Pioneer Entertainment, Mitsuya Fujimoto on Japan and several B2B suppliers on the industry's freshest Asia-facing products. Global Betting & Gaming Consultants provides an Asia focus with its regular Gambling Insider data slot, while there is global-facing data in our Number Crunching section, also with US contributions from Fantini and sports betting statistics from Altenar.

Elsewhere, I'd like to point our readers to page 44, where we focus on some of the industry's 'forgotten' companies, as Ebbe Groes, Earle Hall and more help assess why so many start-ups fail in this industry (or any other, for that matter). The execs tell us, in no uncertain terms, that those who succeed are A) not afraid to put business ahead of friendship and B) have zoned in on exactly what defines their product amid a sea of competing homogeny. In our staple features, the Big Question provides both an operator and supplier view on mobile apps, with our Roundtable delving into the ever-present issues of KYC and AML. Other notable appearances come from Galaxsys CEO Hayk Sargsyan, AstroPay CCO Sara Rita and Paf SVP Sverker Skogberg. Discussing the Finnish licensing process, Skogberg provides an appropriate 'finish' to the magazine in our Final Word section. It's been a busy 2022 – see you all again in 2023.

In the Magazine

London calling

Gambling Insider looks ahead to the sixth Global Gaming Awards London, which will once again be staged at the Hippodrome Casino in February.

Innovating fantasy

StatHero CEO and Founder Jason Jaramillo speaks to the GI Huddle about the fantasy sports betting market, and why StatHero has such a high win rate for players.

The uncut pearl

In this issue, Gambling Insider looks at three of Asia’s most prominent gaming markets: the Philippines, Singapore and Macau. Exactly how well positioned is each market heading into 2023? We start in the Philippines...

Singapore: Age of the VIP

Gambling Insider looks at the Asian nation's high prospects for growth, amid rising VIP revenue.

Will Macau get its magic back?

Amid regulatory changes and strict Covid restrictions, can Macau’s gaming industry make a recovery or not?

The forgotten ones: tales from the start-up realm

Alongside industry experts, Gambling Insider looks at various examples ofstart-up businesses within the industry – and why the vast majority of them fail.

Big Question: What is the next step to enhance the UX of mobile gaming apps?

We asked Roderick Cassar, Head of Product Development – Mobile Apps, Betsson Group and Will Whitehead, Commercial Director, mkodo - A Pollard Banknote company.

The pioneers manufacturing Macau

Asia Pioneer Entertainment Holdings (APE) Assistant General Manager of Corporate Sales & Marketing, Vicky Chan, discusses the growth of the games supplier, its role in the Asian market and how it grappled with the difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Roundtable: KYC and AML compliance

Industry experts from VallettaPay, Neosurf, Sumsub and TransUnion discuss the importance and challenges of KYC and AML compliance.

Simple and easy to play

Galaxsys CEO Hayk Sargsyan discusses the iGaming industry’s growth in recent years, the popularity of fast games in Asia and much more.

A different approach to the Americas

Digitain Group R&D Director Peter Nolan speaks to Gambling Insider about the company’s future in the US, the LatAm market and Luís Figo playing football on an Armenian roof.

Tapping into Japan's culture

Mitsuya Fujimoto, Media Expert at Windstorm Media Communications, explains how to approach Japan’s unique consumers in a grey, compliance-based market, using Japan Solutions as a prime example.

Payments: A vital vertical

AstroPay CCO Sara Rita discusses the growth of digital wallets used by online gaming operators, evolving methods of payment and new safety concerns to consider

Eye of the machine

OSAI CEO Roman Garin speaks to Gambling Insider about starting his data technology company, how he hopes it changes the gambling market and achieving 100% reliability.

The (Latin) American dream

SmartSoft CEO and Founder Guga Gotsadze speaks to Gambling Insider about the rise of the company, its USP and its American ambitions .

Final word

Sverker Skogberg, SVP of Public Affairs at Paf, speaks to Gambling Insider about the state of the Finnish market and the opportunity it has to expand its regulatory reach.