Sports Betting Focus 2023

Editor's Letter

Emerging markets are a common point of discussion. In our industry, Latin America is oft-discussed; the US you could also ‘technically’ count as an emerging regulated market. Asia is more complicated, regulation-wise, especially when it comes to sports betting. But Africa – now that is a region that is always mentioned under the umbrella of emerging markets, yet one that is experiencing surging growth right now.

And this growth is not simply restricted to the digital sector, as our cover feature for this issue of Sports Betting Focus explores on page 26. With the help of Altenar’s Antonino Barra, we explore which African markets offer the most promise and how much potential the continent holds. In a warm-up to the headline act, consultant Ron Mendelson also discusses Africa’s potential growth on page 24.

Elsewhere in this issue, we review our GI Huddle video interviews from ICE London, where we spoke to Global Gaming Award winner Jesper Svensson, as well as Bayes Esports’ Amir Mirzaee and Peter-Paul De Goeij, who represents operators in the Dutch market. This section starts on page 10.

While football will, in European markets, remain king in terms of sports betting revenue, we also shine a light on more niche sports in this edition. Cueing off, we review the match-fixing scandal that has engulfed the world of snooker on page 20, before an eye-opening interview on esports betting (page 40) – and a greyhound racing interview brought directly by Gambling Insider from the House of Lords (page 44).

Feature-wise, we look into sporting brand ambassadors (page 16), US states and their differing sports betting regulations (page 42), while there are also interviews with affiliate XLMedia (page 46) and operator Tipico (page 48) about sports wagering plans across the Atlantic Ocean.

As always in our Focus magazines, though, we also take pride in our company profiles, submitted by some of the industry’s sharpest players. In this issue, we bring you profiles from Kambi, BetConstruct, Sportingtech, BtoBet, NSoft, Sporting Solutions, Evoplay, IGT PlaySports and Sportradar. Here, we give sports betting suppliers the opportunity to show off the latest products and services that are actively transforming the sector.

So, with our blend of in-depth insight and in-focus profiles, we feel we’re bringing you a 360-degree view of the sports betting industry at large. Enjoy our Sports Betting Focus – but do know that it’s only half-time, so to speak, with our H2 edition to come later this year.

In the Magazine

Are sportspeople being kicked out of gambling ads?  

Gambling Insider assesses the regulatory approach towards sporting brand ambassadors, using the Netherlands and the UK as case studies

Raising the bar: Tipico Sportsbook discusses its US engagement plans

From Tipico’s pull-up bar competition to its hyperlocal focus, Ohio Market Manager Phil Goldfarb speaks about Tipico Sportsbook’s US plans for engagement

In focus: Sportradar

With Florian Geheeb, Global Director Advertising Sales, Fan Engagement

A renewed focus: XLMedia discusses its ambitions in the US affiliate market

XLMedia’s President of North America, Kevin Duffey, speaks to Gambling Insider about his career, XLMedia’s ambitions and the US affiliate market

Lord of the greyhounds: Lord David Lipsey runs through what is needed to evolve greyhound racing

Lord David Lipsey, Premier Greyhound Racing Chair, sits down with Gambling Insider inside the House of Lords to discuss how greyhound racing needs to evolve and what he is doing to help the struggling sport regain the attention of large audiences

The sports betting states: Gambling Insider looks at the US states where gambling is now legalised

When the Supreme Court overturned the federal law that banned sports betting across the US just over four years ago, few would have predicted the speed with which most states would legalise the practice

In focus: Kambi – harnessing the power of third generation sports trading

Successfully launched for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Simon Noy, SVP Trading at Kambi, explores how fully automated algorithmic trading is revolutionising the sportsbook, alongside its implications for front-end delivery

In focus: BetConstruct

BetConstruct discusses its Spring Platform and its endorsement of the Fastex ecosystem

Gi Huddle: Betsson CEO Jesper Svensson discusses his aims to develop a better customer experience

Betsson Group CEO Jesper Svensson joins Gambling Insider Editor Tim Poole at our GI Huddle booth during ICE London 2023, discussing Jürgen Klopp, Latin America and a healthy World Cup

GI Huddle: Bayes Esports CCO Amir Mirzaee speaks about changes needed in the esports sector

Amir Mirzaee joined Gambling Insider at ICE London. From industry trends to industry flaws, the Bayes Esports CCO spoke about the heart of the esports betting sector – and what must truly change

Gambling regulations: Navigating the Netherlands

Speaking to Gambling Insider at the GI Huddle stand, Peter Paul de Goeij, Managing Director of the Netherlands Online Gambling Association (NOGA), discusses regulatory issues in the Dutch market that will affect sports betting companies

In focus: LSports - betting big on LatAm

LSports CRO Yoav Ziv speaks to Gambling Insider about the sports data provider’s LatAm expansion plans and recent key strategic steps taken to establish its presence in the region

Snookered: Gambling Insider reports on the much-discussed Snooker match fixing scandal

Gambling Insider reports on the match-fixing scandal that has rocked the snooker table

In focus: Sportingtech

There is a growing appetite among operators and their customers to provide a product that is tailored to them. Sportingtech is keen to ensure its offering continues to stand out in a competitive market, and that its solutions always enable businesses to thrive by meeting the individual needs of each operator partner

In focus: Evoplay

The betting mechanic is transforming the casino industry by opening it up to a much wider audience - sports bettors. This captivating and exciting feature enables players to place bets on the likelihood of a specific situation occurring, making it an engaging addition to their gameplay

What is the potential of the African gambling market in 2023?

Gambling Insider contributor Ron Mendelson, of Fast Offshore, discusses the current state of play across Africa – and where the continent can grow from here

In focus: NSoft - Revolutionising the Betting Industry

The company participated in ICE London 2023, where it showcased its latest products and technologies to industry leaders and experts, and is moving through 2023 stronger than ever

Retail: is Africa on the sports betting trail?

Africa. The cradle of civilisation. The birthplace of mankind itself. The huge, diverse continent has its own way of doing things; it always has – and that includes gambling

In focus: Sporting Solutions

Andy Wright, CEO of Sporting Group, the leading supplier to the global sports betting industry, discusses what makes Sporting Solutions, the Group’s B2B division, a pioneering provider of software services

Esports Q&A: Competing with traditional betting

Thunderpick Head of Strategy Kelly Sanders introduces the company and discusses how esports betting can sit alongside traditional sports betting in the future

In focus: Sportingtech

There is a growing appetite among operators and their customers to provide a product that is tailored to them. Sportingtech is keen to ensure its offering continues to stand out in a competitive market, and that its solutions always enable businesses to thrive by meeting the individual needs of each operator partner