Sportradar and SPARK announce partnership

Sportradar has announced a new partnership with SPARK, an advanced digital technology acceleration platform.

As suppliers of in-depth sports data and technology, Sportradar is innovation focused, with a series of programmes dedicated to supporting start-ups, entrepreneurs, and the next generation.

SPARK is dedicated to regional startups and projects and is commissioned by leading European companies. With programmes including SPARK school, SPARK r&d, SPARK business and SPARK startup, the innovation works closely with a range of individuals, teams, investors, companies, researchers, and sponsors.

As part of the collaboration, Sportradar will be on hand to support a range of SPARK’s events. SPARK’s startups will also gain a number of benefits from the new partnership, with the chance to utilise Sportradar’s bespoke sports data, which covers more than 300,000 professional sports events each year from across 40 different sports.

Sportradar’s Innovation & Business Development Manager, Luka Pataky, said: “The partnership with SPARK is yet another coup as we develop Sportradar’s investment in innovative practice. We have used our data and knowledge for a number of innovation initiatives across the last few years, including our own Acceleradar program for startups and Innovation Challenge for the next generation of sports technology enthusiasts. The partnership with SPARK is yet another opportunity to support those individuals and startups interested in utilising and leveraging sports data to take sport’s ability to connect to the next level.”

SPARK’s Managing Director, Sanjin Osmanbašić, added: “We are extremely pleased to forge a new corporate agreement of partnership and cooperation with Sportradar. As a leading provider of technology, we are confident they will continue to support our focus on supporting businesses to reduce their operational complexity, improve their learning curves and increase efficiency. Just as it did last year, Sportradar will participate in the organisation of the second edition of the “Innovation Hack” hackathon. Innovation Hack is a 24-hour long competition with valuable prizes, in which competitors can showcase their IT and business skills through developing innovative solutions and mock-ups based on sports data.”


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