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Digital Chain rebranding: Being yourself in business is a must

Tuesday 11th February 2020

Iryna Kurochkina, Founder and CEO of DC international marketing agency, ponders rebranding as a business statement, its reasons, and the implementation of rebranding her agency from Digital Choo to Digital Chain.

DC’s 2020 has started in quite a radical fashion - with a major rebranding. The agency has changed its logo, identity, and slogan. We’ve become Digital Chain; the success-driven international marketing agency that creates flexible top-notch solutions and empowers companies to become Brands.

As exciting as it may seem, it still caused many questions such as ‘why rebrand if everything’s ok as it is?’ Is it the need to flirt with creative designs? Let’s take an in depth look and sort out why and when rebranding is used as a valuable business tool and what it actually means.

Being yourself.

Being yourself in business is a must. With the fast pace of digitalization, the high density of informational streams, and constant connection to others, globally, people today can quickly sense when something doesn’t add up and may lose trust in a brand. In a world where businesses succeed only when they become part of their clients’ lifestyle, the lack of trust is almost like a death knell for any business and brand.

So, back to being yourself. In terms of companies, the ‘self’ is composed of business goals, strategies, and values. They provide answers to the most relevant questions, respectively; ‘what you are doing?’ This is the how, and why - which is the essential essence of your brand. Then observe the brand’s internal and external image and ask yourself: does it communicate all the same things? Is it consistent?

Are you being true to yourself?

In our case, rebranding became a very logical and natural thing to do. Since the launch in 2017, DC has grown significantly both in terms of people as well as a service provider. We have developed a strong deeply intertwined in-house infrastructure of services, garnered great global companies as our clients, and created many award-winning campaigns, including in the gaming industry. All the while looking for things important to us, things that connect us, we’ve come up with a resonating set of values - S.T.A.N.D. OUT, which unites empathy, teamwork, accountability, honesty, and a win-win approach coupled with out-of-the-box thinking.

We’ve come a long way. Looking back, it became obvious how much we’ve evolved and matured. With new accumulated knowledge, insights, opportunities, and goals, we had to make a bold statement as to who we are to the entire business community world-wide.

Thus, Digital Chain was born - a manifesto and testament to the company's internal evolution, our values and our S.T.A.N.D OUT approach to challenges. Every piece of our new image communicates our essence and what value we bring forth to the world. Liquid metal is a key element of the renewed style: a symbol of the agency’s strength, flexibility, and adaptability, the skills and expertise that complement the DNA chains of new strong brands we help to create. Other new corporate colors add to this philosophy, with stark white to represent fearlessness, absolute freedom of action, purity of thought, and the absence of chaos in work processes. Rich black reflects our passion for exploring the essence and solid, confident steps to conquer the unknown. We are stable, professional, with strong bonds forged within a team structure and with clients, who are active yet flexible in finding the perfect fit when it comes to integrating business-related solutions.

This is what rebranding is about- matching brand essence with the brand image, communication and action. Stating who you are loud and clear helps to solidify the bridge of trust with audiences, reach win-win outcomes with partners, and create the most efficient solutions to clients. If that is what your business strives, and if the lack of consistency is actually an issue, then yes - rebranding may be the solution.

It could be a whole new story, with you as the author.

As for us, we at Digital Chain are expanding our geographical coverage to Asian and African markets, widening our clients’ portfolio both in the niche and mainstream categories. Another focus for the near future is contributing to the development of a professional community world-wide by sharing our strong niche expertise. There are many exciting challenges underway, and we can’t wait to showcase even more bold initiatives of ours.

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