Social gambling: shifting into high gear

Bookmaking and gambling are becoming increasingly engrained in everyday life. Gambling is no longer a marginalized or taboo way of having fun. Betting companies are regulated on the federal level and are becoming legal in more and more countries.

According to Alexey Khobot, Chief Expert of Fonbet, betting is gradually becoming a part of a modern lifestyle. Alexey Khobot is the first and main developer of software for betting products for Fonbet.

Social gambling: how the social media generation is shaping the present and future of the gaming industry

Alexey Khobot believes that social gambling is the next big thing for the modern gaming industry and betting companies. The popularity of social media plays a key role in social gambling. For the gaming industry, social media presents an enormous user pool and new growth potential.

However, targeting a younger audience and focusing on the influence of social media also present new challenges for leading betting companies. For today's younger audience, betting is becoming a fun way of passing the time, and betting is a way of supporting your favourite team, be part of a group and find like-minded people who you can discuss sports with. Users accustomed to communication and using social media services want to see an active betting company, and most importantly, one that uses familiar mechanisms.

Alexey Khobot, Chief Expert of Fonbet Betting Company:

“The youth segment is continuing to grow on social media. For them, a product that doesn't use a mechanism they are used to is considered foreign".

The main assessment criterion for this segment is speed. When you buy an iPhone in three clicks, you want to place a bet and find out in a second you've won or lost. So betting companies need to adapt to the new target audience and become more active and popular.

Alexey Khobot believes that the trend towards social gambling will only intensify over time. It's inextricably linked with the trend of increasing information acquisition and consumption speed, as well as human interactions. This also applies to betting companies. People’s need to reduce the time between placing a bet and getting the result will also only increase. The task of betting companies is to satisfy the needs of customers and become even more mobile.


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