Daniela Johansson


Chief Responsibility Officer and Deputy CEO

Chief Responsibility Officer and Deputy CEO Paf Daniela Johansson is a seasoned leader in the world of gaming. Her industry knowledge and dynamic skillset have ultimately led to her taking on the roles of Chief Responsibility Officer and Deputy CEO at Paf. In these positions, Johansson has helped shape the company's trajectory promoting responsible change within the business.
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology


Johansson's career in the gaming industry spans over a decade, with her journey at Paf commencing in 2008. Starting as a software developer, Johansson swiftly ascended the ranks, assuming various project management and team leadership roles before ultimately emerging as a pivotal figure in shaping the company's responsible gaming initiatives. 

Johansson currently serves as both the Chief Responsibility Officer and the Deputy CEO for Paf and she has played an important role in bringing about a series of responsible gaming policies – the most recent of which saw the loss limit being lowered for younger players. 


Following the successful completion of her bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Johansson stepped into the world of work in 2001. 

Her first position saw her as a Software Developer at Eget Ltd Ab where she honed her skills in technical development over the course of three years. 

Following on from this, Johansson transitioned to Anite Travel Systems, where she continued to operate as a Software Developer for a further year, before moving back to Eget in 2005. 

When Johansson rejoined Eget in 2005, she jumped up the ranks to take on the role of Project Manager – demonstrating her aptitude for leadership and project management. She held this position for two and a half years from October 2005 to January 2008. 

Subsequently, Johansson ventured into the gaming industry, joining Paf in January 2008 as the Site Development Manager – a role that she held for five and a half years until moving on in May 2013. 

Next, Johansson was appointed to the role of Paf’s Responsible Gaming Manager, a position that saw her championing responsible gaming practices for over a year. 

Her performance in this role ultimately led to her being promoted to the spot of Chief Responsibility Officer in August 2014, marking the beginning of a nearly decade-long journey dedicated to promoting responsible gaming initiatives and spearheading solutions within the company. 

Finally, in October 2017, Johansson’s leadership responsibilities expanded further as she took on the role of Deputy CEO – a position that she currently holds in addition to her role as Chief Responsibility Officer. 

Under her guidance, Paf recently lowered the loss limit for players aged 20-24. This decision saw the loss limit reduced from €10,000 ($10,762) to €8,000 for younger players.  

Regarding this decision, Johansson stated:

“We believe it is important to focus on young people and their gambling from a responsible gaming perspective. Together with our other responsible gaming measures, the loss limits are a good complement for better responsible gaming.” Daniela Johansson
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