12 May, 2023

Product Review: Interblock's Bonus Wheel Roulette

Bonus Wheel Roulette, featuring a dual wheel bonus system and multipliers of up to 250 times, is a shining example of the company’s innovation and creativity.

Interblock’s trailblazing innovation and revolutionary gaming products are designed to deliver immersive and engaging gaming experiences, optimised for player retention and profitability. Bonus Wheel Roulette’s dual-wheel bonus system adds a new layer of excitement and winning potential to the traditional Roulette game, making it more attractive to players and profitable for casinos. With the bonus round occurring approximately one in every ten spins and payouts more than seven times higher than that of a traditional Roulette wheel, it is no surprise that the game caught the attention of industry experts. Bonus Wheel Roulette is a game that players can’t resist and casinos can’t afford to ignore.

Interblock’s dedication to creating innovative and revolutionary gaming experiences in the casino gaming industry has attracted players and extended playtime, while also optimising the market demand for luxury gaming. As a leading player in the gaming industry, Interblock’s position has been affirmed by this, and the company plans to continue pushing the boundaries of gaming technology in the future.

Interblock’s commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of the gaming industry is reflected in the pride they take in receiving industry recognition. The company’s mission is to continue their upward trajectory by creating new gaming products that aim to set new standards and earning more industry recognition, all while maintaining their devotion to groundbreaking invention, stringent research and the empowerment of its brilliant team. Interblock’s success in the industry is driven by their passion for producing revolutionary gaming experiences that extend playtime and keeps players engaged.

By continuously innovating and creating new products that push the boundaries of the gaming industry, Interblock has set the standard for gaming products of the future. Their focus on developing cutting-edge technology, designing advanced gaming experiences, and optimising market demand positions them as leaders in the gaming industry. With their sights firmly set on the future, Interblock is dedicated to building casino floors that offer unforgettable gaming experiences and revolutionising the industry with their unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence.