23 March, 2023

Habanero expansion Q&A: Arcangelo Lonoce on roadmap for 2023

Arcangelo Lonoce, Habanero’s Head of Business Development, speaks to Gambling Insider about plans, products and partnerships.

What does 2023 look like for Habanero? What new products are on the horizon for you?

Well, I think the key word for 2023 would be expansion; further expansion. We’re looking at new key territories we are planning to enter within the year, as we keep growing in our existing territories. So, we’re very busy at the moment with regulatory and compliance requirements, and we’re fulfilling these so that we can tick those boxes and address some key markets such as Greece, Switzerland and a few others we’re looking at; as well as further afield outside of Europe. We’re obviously looking at the US with a lot of interest, as well as Canada, particularly Ontario. I believe this is what we will be focusing on from a business development perspective this year. From a product perspective, we are very excited that we are looking at changing the way we release games.

Until now, we have been doubling up the same team and we believe that we need this to cater to some of the biggest clients out there; some of the biggest companies we are partners with now. So we will be expanding in terms of game themes, game mechanics and exploring different ways of creating games; while making sure we stay true to our core business and target market, which is effectively slot players and table games players.

Do you have a timeline on that? Is that something you’re thinking about intensely in terms of expansion, or is that a bit further along?

No, it is not something we can discuss really. It is something we are actively looking at, and we just want to make sure we enter the right way with the right partners. So, we are evaluating options and, of course, getting ready for it. But you should watch this space as we should have something by the end of the year, within 2023, I’m sure.

Obviously, new partnerships come with the territory. Are there any upcoming partnerships you can share with us, or is it still under wraps?

There are a few that will be announced very soon. There are a few partnerships with some massive groups we have penned and that we’re getting ready to sell from a technical perspective. So launches are imminent and, once again, watch this space and you’ll find out more.Now, the thing is, this will dramatically help us grow within a number of territories; but at the same time, one thing we’re looking at is to strengthen our relations with existing clients as well. It is part of the way we do things to try and truly be customer first without making it sound like a slogan.


I think they key word for 2023 would be expansion; further expansion. We're looking at new key territories

So we are always aware of where our customers are going and what they want to do, and we want to try and support them as best as possible, ensuring we can deliver the solutions they need, whether it’s organic growth within the same territory or further afield. At the moment, we are evaluating a series of opportunities with some key partners we’ve been with for some time; possibly trying to support the strategy in terms of multi-channel opportunities, which in theory and in practice will strengthen our presence within a number of territories. And this is just one example of what we’re looking to do, so we will surely enter new territories. We will surely partner with new clients in the territories where we already operate. But at the same time, we’re also very keen to differentiate the way we partner with our clients and make sure we play into their hands as they develop their strategies.