21 September, 2023

Product Review: Advantech-Innocore launches new AMD and Intel-based solutions

Advantech-Innocore giving customers more options with new AMD and Intel-based solutions launching at G2E 2023.

Advantech-Innocore’s portfolio of gaming hardware and software solutions, peripherals and displays are on show at G2E, Booth #3230. Continuing their support and commitment to the industry and customers, the theme ‘All things gaming’ is aimed at addressing the requirements of the industry for flexible products, offering customers off-the-shelf solutions and/or customs builds that meet their requirements to bring their content to market.

Two of the main new products announced at G2E are the DPX-M266 and the DPX-S455 which expanded the popular DPX® product line of platform solution.The DPX-M266 expands the DPX-M Series of gaming platforms, that focuses on multimedia engines optimized for gaming OEMs through their modular expansion architecture. It is a versatile solution that uses the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded R2000 processor to deliver improved performance and functionality.

The platform’s scalability is achieved through a module expansion slot that can be used for specific applications or features developed in collaboration with Advantech-Innocore’s engineering team or integrated into the system by the customer directly. Great multimedia performance makes the DPX-M266 an ideal platform for customers who already have their own IO/security hardware or who do not need the full feature set of IO, COMs, security, and intrusion that Advantech-Innocore offers on gaming platforms.

Propriety IO cards or customer specific hardware can be integrated with the platform via the side expansion bus to form a robust logic platform. Flexibility is the key to the M-Series, meaning that customers who just need a reduced feature set can be provided with a simple IO module to provide exactly what they. The DPX-S455, is the 13th generation of the GLI compliant all in one gaming, high-performance motherboard.

This generation powered by Intel® hybrid core technology up to Core i9 and expanded the family of DPX-S Series products. This premium hardware is powered by Intel 12th and 13th Generation processors, offering high performance and proficiency to the regulated gaming market.

The DPX-S455 utilizes Intel technology to provide enhanced graphics, with hardware acceleration, and Intel Xe Architecture, along with real-time capabilities for smooth operation and function.

Development of Advantech-Innocore products is based with the customer in mind. Customers need to be able to respond to demands and movements of the market, without having to worry about compatibility issues or redevelopment of products. All DPX products are backward and forward compatible with products within their range and are backed by the reliability, longevity, and support that Advantech-Innocore is known for. DPX products also come with full sets of dedicated I/O, COMs, and security features designed specifically for the casino gaming market regulations.

High performance, scalability, and time to market for content development, are non-negotiable, Advantech-Innocore’s winning strategy is to provide a proven and reliable set of support software alongside the hardware to give customers a dependable computing platform for the long term, allowing them to focus on their game content.