21 September, 2023

Final Word: Interblock Global CEO John Connelly

Interblock Global CEO John Connelly highlights the evolution of table games in the digital age and how this requires adaptation to remain relevant in the modern world.

How do table games need to adapt or evolve to maintain their allure in the face of online offerings? This is a pertinent question that Interblock and others in the industry address, particularly in the dynamic world of gaming where table games hold a special place close to players’ hearts. Games like blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat have been captivating players for generations, long before the arrival of online gaming platforms.

However, as the digital realm continues to expand and revolutionise the way we experience entertainment, the need for these classic games to evolve becomes even more pressing.

At Interblock, we understand that the allure of table games lies in the ambiance, human interaction and tactile sensations they offer, setting them apart from the digital realm. Table games provide a unique experience that online gaming can’t entirely replicate. It’s a multisensory delight – the sensation of chips, the visual spectacle of the spinning roulette wheel, the interaction between dealer and player, and the collective thrill of a winning moment.

These elements form the essence of table games and differentiate them from their online counterparts. Nevertheless, as the online realm offers unmatched convenience, variety and personalisation, table games need to recalibrate their strategies to ensure they remain relevant and enticing.

Bridging the experience gap

As the gaming landscape evolves, we recognise the need to bridge the experience gap between physical and online games. Our approach is not to imitate online games, but to enhance the table game experience to incorporate elements that modern players, who frequent online platforms, have grown accustomed to. The answer lies in capturing the essence of both worlds, giving players a feeling of familiarity paired with the thrill of the tangible experience. This offers a gaming experience that is both authentic and exciting, capturing the essence of both traditional and modern gaming.

Rather than competing, we aim to enhance and elevate the unique appeal of table games

Incorporating technological integration

It’s undeniable that the integration of technology can vastly improve the player journey. This includes enhanced game tracking, player metrics, or even facilitating smoother, more efficient gameplay. Seamlessly integrated into live pits, innovative technology empowers dealers with more decisions per hour, increases betting opportunities and enhances house advantage. This integration of technology elevates the tactile feel of the game while ensuring that gameplay remains intuitive and player centric.

Diversifying game variants

One notable advantage that online platforms boast is the vast variety they offer. At Interblock, we recognise the importance of diversification and believe that land-based casinos should introduce a more varied array of game variants. Variety is pivotal in keeping players engaged. Games can either stand alone or integrate into larger gaming arenas, offering players a unique and immersive experience that combines traditional rules with modern twists, all while staying anchored to the core spirit of table gaming.

Fostering community and engagement

Online platforms often have communities, forums and engagement tools that keep players connected. We see the potential in physical table games harnessing the power of community, we believe in creating an environment where players feel connected and part of something bigger. By bringing players together in an interactive and social gaming space, we can create an ambiance that goes beyond the game itself, encouraging a sense of belonging and shared experiences.

Evolving with player data

The online space thrives on instant feedback. Interblock champions a similar approach for table games, continuously evolving based on player data, thereby ensuring games remain in tune with what players genuinely want. We strive to drive the innovation of tomorrow’s table gaming experiences using player data. In closing, our vision for the future of table games is one of harmony and synergy with the digital world. Rather than competing, we aim to enhance and elevate the unique appeal of table games. By embracing innovation, adapting to the changing landscape and staying true to our commitment to the player experience, we are confident that table games will continue to thrive in this era of technological advancement.