21 September, 2023

Product Review: Interblock's award-winning Smart Pit

Redefining the casino landscape, Interblock's Smart Pit won Table Game of the Year at this year's Global Gaming Awards Asia-Pacific.

Interblock’s commitment to innovation has been, and will remain, a key success factor within the gaming industry. With over three decades of industry experience, Interblock’s reputation is anchored on delivering revolutionary gaming solutions, resulting in the creation of the Smart Pit.

Awarded “Table Game of the Year” by Global Gaming Awards Asia Pacific 2023, Interblock’s Smart Pit is a blend of traditional table games and futuristic technology. Seamlessly integrating a “Technology Umbrella” into existing live pits, this innovation redefines the gaming experience, empowering more decisions per hour, enhancing the house advantage across all product offerings and creating an increased level of customer service that has not been historically possible.

The Smart Pit is designed to attract existing and new players alike, while enhancing efficiency, security and overall performance across a wide range of table games, including Roulette, Craps, Blackjack and Baccarat. By eliminating time-consuming transactions, the Smart Pit empowers dealers to operate games effortlessly, ensuring 100% accurate payouts.

The Smart Pit’s technology umbrella enables real-time player session valuations, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Incorporating advanced game protection, the Smart Pit is able to address the industry’s annual multimillion-dollar losses due to dealer mistakes through automated card, wheel and chip reconciliation utilising Interblock’s live hybrid games, ensuring heightened security and error-free gameplay.

Operators benefit from optimised staffing levels, heightened profitability and an improved gaming environment

The Smart Pit interconnects the live table games within a traditional table game pit, allowing players to engage in multiple games simultaneously, boosting player engagement and casino revenue. A player seated at Smart Pit’s Blackjack table can concurrently play the Roulette game at the opposite end of the pit, while utilising the same wallet. For dealers, it simplifies tasks and emphasizes customer service, resulting in greater efficiency and more decisions per hour. To further ensure the acceptance of existing dealers within the live table game environment, the Smart Pit offers multiple forms of tipping, creating a greater level of customer service and acceptance.

Operators benefit from optimised staffing levels, heightened profitability and an improved gaming environment. Moreover, the Smart Pit attracts a newer player demographic, addressing the intimidation often felt with traditional tables, as evidenced by recent high carded play and occupancy ratios, further enhancing the casino’s bottom line.

Showcasing at G2E 2023 in Booth #1239, the Smart Pit offers a level of technology never seen before within the gaming sector, enabling casinos to attract both existing and new players alike, while driving incremental profit to their bottom line.