8 April, 2024

Company profile: GR8 Tech

The sportsbook provider discusses turning sportsbooks into a profitable business instead of just an acquisition tool.

In the modern iGaming ecosystem, sportsbooks are often viewed more as an acquisition tool than a significant revenue generator – a role traditionally reserved for casinos. However, this stereotype can be challenged and that’s exactly what we do at GR8 Tech, leveraging our deep practical insights and technological prowess to transform sportsbooks into significant revenue generators. Our vision is to redefine the role of sportsbooks in the iGaming ecosystem. With GR8 Tech, sportsbooks are no longer just a game; they’re a winning strategy.


GR8 Tech’s high-performance Sportsbook platform stands out from the competition with its unique margin management capabilities, which enable operators to dynamically adjust odds and margins in real time, catering to both the competitive landscape and player preferences. The result is a finely tuned balance between offering attractive betting options and maintaining profitable operations. Our partners report an average profit increase of 15% – a testament to the platform’s effectiveness in turning every bet into a potential win for both the player and the operator. In certain cases, the profitability can grow to over 30% without any additional investments.

The profitability of the GR8 Sportsbook is coupled with exemplary tech performance. Engineered for resilience, it easily maintains a stable 99.96% uptime. With the capability to process up to 30,000 bets per second and settle millions of bets per minute, our platform ensures high-volume events go off without a hitch. This level of reliability means that during the world’s most watched sporting events, when the action is fast and furious, GR8 Tech stands strong, keeping operators and their customers in the game. Notably, even if something happens, GR8 Tech’s proactive approach to problem-solving guarantees that the majority of the incidents – over 82.5% – will be detected and addressed before impacting operators. Most often, the issue gets fixed before the operator’s teams even notice its existence.


Diversity and depth of content are crucial in capturing and maintaining player interest. GR8 Sportsbook offers a rich selection of nearly 100,000 monthly events, spanning a wide array of sports, esports and 24/7 fantasy sports. Our proprietary Sports Feed empowers operators to go beyond the conventional, enabling the creation of unique betting opportunities tailored to their market’s specific tastes and preferences. Whether it’s underground sports, rare tournaments or innovative non-sporting events, GR8 Tech brings operators’ visions to life, ensuring their offerings stand out in a crowded marketplace.

GR8 Sportsbook utilizes a wide range of bonus types and mechanics, as well as gamification elements like stickers, achievements, quests, loot boxes and tournaments. These tools allow operators to create a vibrant betting ecosystem with active engagement and an average player retention of 80%.


GR8 Tech made the GR8 Sportsbook its flagship product for a reason – its long-standing market presence, stellar reputation, robust functionality, and unique earning capabilities that guarantee operators to achieve a profitable margin within 12 months, make it a go-to choice for iGaming industry players who want to take leadership positions in the field. GR8 Sportsbook played a key role in major deals, helping us to sign four new clients by the end of last year and close three more contracts in the first months of 2024.

As GR8 Tech continues to evolve, we focus on building and sustaining lifetime partnerships with operators. By aligning the GR8 Sportsbook platform and our suite of services with the unique needs and aspirations of our clients, we aim to be at the forefront of the iGaming industry’s next wave of growth. We aim to establish GR8 Tech as a provider of choice, offering solutions that are not just reliable and predictable but are also finely tuned to the nuances of local markets.