Luckbox CEO: Esports betting will overtake traditional sports betting in my lifetime

By Owain Flanders

Quentin Martin, CEO of esports  betting company Luckbox, says he is willing to “bet substantial amounts of money with anyone who will take it” that esports betting will become bigger than traditional sports betting in his lifetime.

The executive was speaking to Gambling Insider for its upcoming Sports Betting Focus magazine. When asked whether he believed the popularity of esports would continue once the limits of the COVID-19 pandemic had subsided, Quentin explained why he believed it would.

He said: “The lockdown definitely accelerated esports a couple of years into the future for sure. Most countries left lockdown months ago and we saw a drop-off to some degree but nothing substantial.

“We have retained 75% of players that we gained during the lockdown. Our turnover is pretty much in the same place as it was in peak lockdown.”

Martin went on to give his predictions for the vertical’s future. He explained why he believed esports betting would eventually surpass traditional sports.

“It already is more popular for 18-25 year olds," commented Martin. "Grow them 50 years into the future and they are 75 in retirement homes playing each other at computer games."

“This is why I believe companies that are only paying esports lip service are damaging their brand and longevity going forward.”

Martin was speaking with Gambling Insider for an esports feature in its upcoming Sports Betting Focus magazine. Click here to read when available.


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