Published | Updated 15 April, 2024

The state of US associations, charities & regulators: A state-by-state guide

Gambling Insider looks at each US state and the regulators & associations that govern the regulations that players abide by.

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Unlike many European countries, in the US, each state has its own separate entity that controls what rules and regulations gambling companies and players must adhere to – with some being very strict on what kind of gambling is allowed and others embracing the practice with open arms.

Furthermore, the companies in those states sometimes form associations to help get their message across to the regulators and to gain favourable support from the local communities – in short, advocating for the gaming industry.

Here, Gambling Insider has compiled a list of state regulators and associations within the US.

(R) Regulator (Green)

(A) Association (Orange)

(C) Charity & Problem Gambling Help (Pink)


American Gaming Association (A)

Alabama Council on Compulsive Gambling (C)

The Alaska Charitable Gaming Alliance (C)

Arizona Department of Gaming (R)

Arizona Council on Compulsive Gambling (C)

Arkansas Racing Commission (R)

Arkansas Problem Gambling Council (C)


California Bureau of Gambling Control (R)

California Gambling Control Commission (R)

The California Council on Problem Gambling (C)

Colorado Division of Gaming (R)

Colorado Gaming Association (A)

Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission (R)

Problem Gambling Coalition of Colorado (C)

Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, Gaming Division (R)

The Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling (C)


Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement (R)

Delaware Lottery (R)

District of Columbia DC Office of Lottery and Gaming (R)


Florida Gaming Control Commission (R)

The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling (C)


(Georgia) GA Council on Problem Gambling (C)


Honu House Hawaii (C)


Illinois Casino Gaming Association (A)

Illinois Gaming Board (R)

Illinois Council on Problem Gambling (C)

Indiana Gaming Commission (R)

Indiana Council on Problem Gambling (C)

Casino Association of Indiana (A)

Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (R)

Iowa Gaming Association (A)


Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission (R)

Kansas Lottery (R)

Kansas Coalition on Problem Gambling (C)

Kentucky Horse Racing Commission (R)

Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling (C)


Louisiana Gaming Control Board (R)

Louisiana State Police, Gaming Enforcement Division (R)

Louisiana Casino Association (A)

Louisiana Association on Compulsive Gambling (C)


Maine Gambling Control Board (R)

Maine Council on Problem Gambling, INC (C)

Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission (R)

Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency (R)

Maryland Council on Problem Gambling (C)

Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling (C)

Massachusetts Gaming Commission (R)

Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health (C)

Michigan Gaming Control Board (R)

Michigan Gaming (A)

Michigan Association on Problem Gambling (C)

Minnesota Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division (R)

Minnesota Alliance on Problem Gambling (C)

Mississippi Gaming Commission (R)

Mississippi Gaming and Hospitality Association (A)

The Mississippi Council on Problem and Compulsive Gambling (C)

Missouri Gaming Commission (R)

Missouri Gaming Association (A)

Montana Lottery Commission (R)

Montana Council on Problem Gambling (C)


National Council on Problem Gambling (C) (Nationwide)

National Indian Gaming Commission (R)

Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission (R)

Nebraska Council on Problem Gambling (C)

Nevada Gaming Commission (R)

Nevada Gaming Control Board (R)

Nevada Resorts Association (A)

The Nevada Council on Problem Gambling (C)

New Hampshire Lottery Commission (R)

The New Hampshire Council on Problem Gambling (C)

New Jersey Casino Control Commission (R)

New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (R)

Casino Association of New Jersey (A)

Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (C)

New Mexico Gaming Control Board (R)

The New Mexico Council on Problem Gambling (C)

New York State Gaming Commission (R)

New York Gaming Association (A)

New York Council on Problem Gambling (C)

The North Carolina Problem Gambling Program (C)

The Charitable Gaming Association of North Dakota (C)


Ohio Casino Control Commission (R)

Ohio Lottery Commission (R)

The Problem Gambling Network of Ohio (C)

Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission (R)

Oklahoma Association on Problem Gambling and Gaming (C)

Oregon Lottery Commission (R)

The Oregon Gambling Addiction Treatment Foundation (C)


Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (R)

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of Pennsylvania (C)


Responsible Online Gaming Association (A) (Nationwide)

Rhode Island Lottery (R)

Rhode Island Council on Problem Gambling (C)


South Dakota Commission on Gaming (R)

Deadwood Gaming Association (South Dakota) (A)


Tennessee Sports Wagering Advisory Council (R)


Virginia Lottery Board (R)

Virginia Council on Problem Gambling (C)


Washington State Gambling Commission (R)

(Washington State) Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling (C)

West Virginia Lottery Commission (R)

Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling (C)

Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission (R)

Wyoming Council on Problem Gambling (C)




Why do some states have more than one regulatory body?

Some states choose to spread the regulatory responsibility of gambling through different bodies, with some choosing to operate lotteries separately from other forms of gambling. However, not every state does this, with the majority housing one regulatory body that deals with every aspect of gaming.

What is the difference between associations and regulators?

Associations are the bodies that have been formed by those such as operators and suppliers, in which they band together under the common banner of gambling. Regulators, on the other hand, review and make the rules regarding what is and isn’t permissible in the state.

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