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NEWS 8 November 2018

Gambling Commission CEO urges "race to the top" among UK operators

By Tim Poole

Gambling Commission CEO Neil McArthur has called on the UK gambling industry to engage in a "race to the top" when protecting consumers.

Speaking at the Raising Standards Conference in Birmingham, McArthur welcomed increased co-operation between the regulator and operators.

As part of his keynote speech, he said: "I want consumers in Britain to be able to enjoy the fairest and safest gambling in the world and to achieve my aims I need your support. I need you to work together to make sure you are the best - the fairest, safest - gambling operators in the world."

Gambling Commission Programme Director Ian Angus recently described a "race to the bottom" for some operators and affiliates, though McArthur flipped this concept to encourage an improvement in standards.

He said: "This is a call to action to join the race to the top. A race to put your customers, their enjoyment and their safety at the top of the agenda for your management meetings, your board meetings and meetings with your investors.

"A race to approach the minimum requirements we impose as exactly that: minimums not maximums."

At one point during his speech, the Gambling Commission CEO used bookmaker odds analogies to represent the percentage of gamblers at risk.

Earlier this week, Sky proposed a reduction in gambling adverts on television to help curb the volume of betting advertising within the UK.

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