Apple’s stricter guidelines could see betting apps rejected, says agency

By Nathan Joyes

Mkodo, an apps and digital experience agency, has warned gaming companies about Apple’s new App Store guidelines.

Apple is soon to update its guidelines, which will state that any sportsbook, casinos, bingo or lottery apps need to be more diverse.

The 4.2 update will force apps to offer an alternative experience to one a customer can access through the Safari browser.

The tech giant states apps must "include features, content and user interface that elevate it beyond a repackaged website."

Mkodo believes both big and small brands within the industry will be affected as a direct result of the update.

Stuart Godfree, Managing Director and Co-founder of Mkodo, said: "Apple is now ensuring all apps offer something different to a web experience, which will really affect both new and existing apps across our sector.

"Rejections can be hugely costly both in terms of resubmission work and time to market. It is very important to work with a partner who understands what the App Store and Google Play Store require to ensure your apps are not rejected."


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