Pitch! @RTG invites RegTech and innovators to London

September 2023 will see London’s first Regulating the Game conference. The hugely successful immersive 5-day program is already well-established in Australia and focuses on leading edge research, regulatory policy and practice and ethical leadership in the gambling sector.

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Regulating the Game brings together industry leaders from across the globe to share expert content, facilitate discussion, build collaboration, encourage critical thinking, and highlight innovative ideas and technologies that advance responsible gambling, regulatory policy, and anti-money laundering outcomes for the industry.

In his opening remarks at Regulating the Game in Sydney in March 2023, founder and Principal at Senet, Paul Newson highlighted how a “seismic shift in regulatory settings and community and government sentiment” has resulted in a need for the sector to “go above and beyond” as it moves forward.

The London event will include a Pitch! night to bring together innovators and the sector to platform new technologies, research and policy thinking that help industry go above and beyond simply meeting minimum standards, advance efficient and effective regulation and help invigorate the sector.

The gambling industry is arguably under greater scrutiny now than ever before. Operators often have international footprints, and consumers can access almost inexhaustible ways to bet. But with jurisdictions across the world looking to implement policies and processes that better secure industry integrity, promote safer gambling and harden the sector against financial crime, communication between all stakeholders is key to finding sustainable approaches for the future.

Pitch! attendees will learn about emerging trends – as well as cutting-edge products and services – aimed at leveraging tech and pioneering thinking and approaches to help uplift capability, bolster safer gambling and anti-money laundering outcomes and invigorate the sector.

We are inviting firms and individual to pitch leading-edge products and services that introduce step change in activities and outcomes for the sector. We are also interested in presentations on emerging research, practices and trends in industry supervision, safer gambling and anti-money laundering arrangements.

Throughout the 5-day Regulating the Games event in London, attendees will discuss all aspects of the gambling industry to forge a greater understanding of emerging and potential threats to the sector. Frank discussion will challenge conventional thinking and probe key issues, enlightening individuals and organisations across the sector to think laterally about how those challenges can be overcome. This will segue neatly into the Pitch! event which allows RegTech and innovative firms and individuals to showcase the next generation of products and services, compliance tools and industry technology solutions.

Speakers already confirmed for Regulating the Games London 2023 include Cathy Judd-Stein, Chair of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, ANJ Chairwoman Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, Harris Tsangarides, Chief Executive Officer, Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission, Leanne Oxley, Director of Enforcement for the UK Gambling Commission, Executive Director and Gambling Commissioner for Gibraltar, Andrew Lyman, and Paul Buck, Founder & CEO Epic Risk Management.

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