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Soft2Bet Shares 2023 Results and Predicts Biggest iGaming Trends for 2024

Soft2Bet has experienced significant growth in 2023 and as the year draws to a close, we look into the trends that are likely to dominate the iGaming sector in 2024.  


Gamification will expand further in 2024 and become hyper-localized 

Gamification features will keep expanding in 2024 and Soft2Bet will continue to customize them to players’ preferences in their individual markets. Gamification will also grow in popularity as it becomes even more localized and captures more of consumers’ attention and screen time.  

Why gamification is important in iGaming   

Gamification is a term that is and continues to be widely used in the online gaming and betting industry. There are a number of reasons for this, but going back to the social casino craze of 2012-2013, it is strongly linked with social and casual gaming and the ability to extend player values through engagement and gameplay. 

The social gaming craze may have calmed down from those heady days, but the companies active in that sector continue to generate substantial revenues through micro-transactions, in-game advertising or secondary marketplaces. Gamification, in other words.   

How does this apply to iGaming and how does Soft2Bet harness gamification?  

The short answer to that question is that we have integrated social engagement and gameplay features, localized them to specific countries and regions into our real-money gaming products to create the Soft2Bet Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA), our gamification engine.  

Global gamification continues significantly growing, while MEGA features have generated very strong financial and product-performance results, it’s also important to remember the huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to make this happen.  

As Yoel Zuckerberg, Chief Product Officer at Soft2Bet, explains: “In practice this translates into our tech, development, marketing or CRM teams spending many man-hours integrating all those elements into our products’ gameplay. 

“This has meant hours of painstaking technical work developing a fully integrated solution that is seamless, secure, tailored and geo-targeted to players’ habits and preferences. This work is paying off and has enabled Soft2Bet to grow faster than ever in 2023.”  

iGaming trends 2024   

The Era of Mobile Gaming. 

The mobile gambling market is expected to reach over $150bn by 2030 and around 70% of online betting revenue comes from mobile gambling. With the addition of new innovations in personalization and gamification on mobile apps, mobile gaming will only accelerate its growth in 2024. iGaming brands must be focused on staying ahead of the curve, bringing the most exciting and engaging mobile gaming offerings to players in its new and existing markets around the world. 

AI will become even more integrated and inform new features. 

As AI continues to progress and advance, companies such as Soft2Bet will prioritize discovering innovative ways to harness this technology. By effectively employing AI to analyze data, it becomes capable of pinpointing crucial trends and detecting shifts in player preferences. These insights can be directly applied to enhance the platform's features and elevate the overall user experience. 

UI, UX enhancements combined with player behavior analytics will be key drivers. 

Player behavior analytics will play a key role, and being up-to-date with the latest technologies and innovations will be crucial for iGaming companies hoping to see success in 2024.  

Responsible gaming initiatives will take center stage  

Soft2Bet has always been committed to responsible gaming and predicts that other companies will continue to increase investment in this field, especially as they enter new jurisdictions with new regulations. The industry will introduce more innovative, proactive and user-friendly responsible gaming tools and solutions in 2024.  

MEGA drives Soft2Bet 

Motivational Engineering has been key to Soft2Bet’s success in 2023 because it enables us to deliver quality products that are highly personalized and localized to the markets we operate in. This trend will continue in 2024 and we will keep providing tailored offerings to our casino players and sports betting customers: City Builder features for our casino-focused players, while sports bettors can engage with our Sports Stadiums.    

Uri Poliavich, founder and CEO of Soft2Bet added: “As we move into 2024, the key to succeeding in our industry lies in adapting to evolving player preferences, harnessing cutting-edge AI, advanced motivational engineering techniques, and ensuring a seamless user experience. At Soft2Bet, we are fully equipped and committed to meeting these challenges head-on. With our innovative and hyper-localized MEGA solutions, advanced analytics, and a strong emphasis on responsible gaming, we're poised to not only adapt to the changing landscape but to lead and define it.” 

Soft2Bet’s EBITDA grew by more than 300% in 2023, driven by Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA), our unique gamification technology.  The company also obtained 10 new licenses in seven different countries, including Sweden, Italy and other major markets.   

The effectiveness of our MEGA technology was also demonstrated by the growth of our Betinia brand in Denmark and Sweden, the two leading Scandinavian markets, where GGR increased by more than 65% and by more than 50% of the playerbase engaged with gamification. In addition, deposit amounts were 50% larger and 30% more frequent and average revenue per user (ARPU) grew by more than 70%.  

Martin Collins, CBDO at Soft2Bet, commented: “For 2024, we look forward to furthering our innovation and motivational engineering offerings while expanding our reach across the globe. The next year will be a pivotal one both for our company and the iGaming industry more broadly. We focused on driving these exciting new trends as we continue to disrupt and drive the industry forward.”  

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