Inside Atlas-IAC's Winning Formula: CEO Maxim Slobodyanyuk Talks Tech, Innovation, and Industry Recognition

Maxim Slobodyanyuk, CEO of Atlas-IAC, speaks to Gambling Insider about insights into Atlas-IAC's innovative solutions that are reshaping the iGaming landscape and the core principles of partnership driving mutual evolution for both Atlas-IAC and its esteemed operators. 


Could you share some insights into the strategies that contributed to Atlas-IAC's success in the iGaming industry? 

At Atlas-IAC, our growth strategy revolves around fostering close partnerships and establishing a prominent presence in the competitive global entertainment technology market. 

It's worth noting our robust emphasis on automation, a strategic focus that positions us favorably in emerging markets. This enables us to offer our partners swift onboarding and streamlined operations on their entertainment business journey. 

We are continuously enhancing every facet of our platform to ensure it delivers a seamless and intuitive Sportsbook API. Our goal is to provide lightning-fast performance, seamless betting experiences, real-time risk management, cutting-edge anti-fraud detection, and the ability to scale effortlessly to meet the demands of our partners across various markets. 

The main thing is to keep up with the times, constantly improve your product, analyse market needs and those of your existing and potential partners, and proactively respond to their needs. Being the best technological partner is a strategy that always works. 

Innovation seems to be a key focus for Atlas-IAC. Could you elaborate on how the company's in-house developed sportsbook sets it apart from competitors in the industry? 

Our Sportsbook sets itself apart from competitors because it was developed in-house, meaning we’ve built it ourselves. Not many providers have this capability, but we do, showcasing our dedication to innovation. 

Having built our own Sportsbook gives us full control over features and lets us make rapid and sustainable improvements. Features like Personal Odds Boost and Clever Margin allow for unique customisation tailored to our partners' diverse needs. 

We're always improving our product and take a personalised approach with each partner, offering flexibility to include specific modules that fit their business. Our customisation process ensures the product works and looks exactly as desired for each operator. 

With a skilled team of developers, traders, and support staff focused on our partners' needs, we can promptly address their requests in an agile manner. This ensures we deliver on our promises effectively, step by step. 

Atlas-IAC offers an automated sportsbook. How does this automation enhance the experience for both operators and users? 

The Atlas-IAC's Sportsbook API stands out as an ideal choice for those looking to start or expand their sports betting business. It's fully automated, making it efficient and user-friendly. Plus, we've incorporated unique features that enhance player engagement, resulting in higher average spending and longer player retention. 

Our Sportsbook is designed to handle high demand periods effectively, offering tools for precise betting management and reliable results. Moreover, if a partner needs a custom module for their business, we can develop and integrate it swiftly. This gives us a competitive edge in both established and emerging markets. 

We've found a perfect balance between meeting our partners' needs and delivering enjoyable experiences for their players. This aligns perfectly with our philosophy of conducting business for mutual benefit, ensuring top-notch entertainment products for all involved. 

Can you tell us about any specific features or tools offered by Atlas-IAC that have been particularly well-received by operators in the iGaming industry? 

Atlas-IAC stands out in the iGaming industry for its adaptability and responsiveness to partners' needs. We understand that every operator has unique requirements, and our tailored approach ensures we meet those needs effectively. 

Among the features highly praised by operators is that our Next-Gen iGaming platform enables operators to generate custom promo codes linked to bonuses, driving increased engagement and attracting new players to their Sportsbook or Casino. These promo codes, managed through Atlas-IAC's CRM module, can be easily redeemed during registration, offering operators a competitive edge. 

Moreover, we recognize the power of social sharing in fostering player engagement. Through our platform, players can share their predictions on social media, amplifying excitement and attracting new audiences. Operators can leverage this feature to reward active players, further stimulating participation and growth. 

Our in-house CRM empowers operators to send personalised messages to individual players or groups, enhancing player experience through tailored communication and bonus offers. This capability strengthens player loyalty and drives retention. 

Additionally, our Cashback feature is a versatile tool for promoting sporting events and enhancing player entertainment. Operators can customise cashback settings based on specific sports, events, odds criteria, and frequency, effectively incentivizing player participation and excitement. 

In summary, Atlas-IAC's suite of features and tools not only caters to operators' diverse needs but also fosters player engagement and growth within the iGaming industry. 

Looking ahead, what are the company's goals and aspirations in terms of continued innovation and growth in the iGaming sector? 

Moving forward, our objective is to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering exceptional value to our partners. We're dedicated to maintaining our position at the forefront of the iGaming industry by driving sustainable growth and promoting responsible gaming practices. We adapt to trends and address the specific needs of operators across global regions. 

The trajectory of the sports betting landscape remains consistent, with familiar key trends continuing to shape the industry. Esports, in particular, is poised for continued growth within sports betting. According to Statista reports, the global eSports audience reached 532 million people in 2022, and this number is projected to exceed 640 million viewers by 2025. This presents an opportunity for operators to elevate their business.  

Moreover, the prevalence of mobile betting is anticipated to persist globally, emphasizing a preference for convenience, especially in live betting scenarios. Consequently, we are steadfast in our commitment to continuously enhance our platform to ensure compatibility with both mobile applications and web browsers, as well as with our retail network suite and betting shops. 

The sports betting trends of 2024 underscore the crucial role of adaptability and innovation. Operators must effectively navigate a continuously evolving landscape shaped by technological advancements and regulatory shifts, and Atlas-IAC helps them with this. 

Concerning our market focus, we are meticulously evaluating opportunities in LATAM, Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, and Africa. These regions hold substantial growth prospects, and our strategy is customised to more effectively address the distinctive requirements of these markets. 

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