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Advanced Creative Gaming
Systems and Software
Advanced Creative Gaming, LLC, out of Las Vegas, Nevada brought to life the Virtual Slot Environment or VSE.
VSE – through various audio and visual technologies with a back-end proprietary bridge management system (ACG bridge) was designed and developed by Chris Clemons, Chief Technology Officer, and the team ACG.

The ACG bridge is an Application Program Interface (API) that ties to ANY casino back-end management system to the VSE. The ACG bridge also interacts with LED lighting as well as the casino audio system transforming properties into “Smart Casinos” of the future. The system operates independently 24/7 being a user-friendly, “hands-off” system. In the event of an issue the system has the ability to self-heal and contact the appropriate channels.

The VSE immerses the players in a 4D sensory-rich environment, bringing an innovative, exciting space to the casino floor – the first of its kind in the world. Machines are connected to the rapid hit bonus system that takes the players (for example) on a tour of Ancient Greece where jackpots might trigger a visit from Zeus himself.

Casinos are able to select from a variety of creative scenarios such as: LIVE Sports, LIVE Feeds from the Event Centers – the creative possibilities are endless. ACG works with the Casino Operations team to launch innovative, engaging environments intended to increase WIN PER DAY. The VSE encumbers a state-of-the-art multi-zoned JBL professional audio system that enhances the audio-visual effects; like rolling thunder and striking lightening.

Advanced Creative Gaming, LLC is a highly skilled technology firm with a proven track record in designing and developing back-end proprietary software control systems that are unsurpassed and the most elite form of technology on the market.

Those interested in a scheduling a demo between September 27th – September 30 2016 may contact Melissa Jordan: 1-702-540-0928, [email protected]
Melissa Jordan
Telephone: 1-702-540-0928
Website: Visit Website