Solitics: How data-driven marketing automation can help operators and affiliates

Solitics VP of sales Harel Falk discusses how choosing a real-time marketing automation platform can make a real difference for the income of affiliates and operators; this article was originally published in the June edition of Trafficology.


Working as an affiliate can be tough, with many challenges to overcome before you can get the maximum value from new referrals. Converting leads by getting them to deposit for the first time is only the first step. If you have an affiliate contract that includes a share of the lead’s lifetime revenue, you also want them to keep on spending as much as possible to maximise your own income.

This is often easier said than done. You want to encourage leads to spend, but the world of online gaming is highly saturated, making it difficult to generate revenue from new referrals. To ease the way for your leads, you should look to connect with operators that increase your chances, and use smart tools such as data-driven marketing automation.

How data-driven marketing automation can help you

Imagine if you were able to peer through the internet and find out exactly what’s causing leads to hesitate over making a deposit or playing a game, and then instantly communicate with them to help resolve their doubts or explain confusing instructions. For example, what if a new user signs up, makes a deposit and then loses half of it in the first 10 minutes of play? They are very likely to leave in disappointment and never return – unless operators can quickly reach out to help.

That’s where data-driven marketing automation steps in. Marketing automation facilitates the process of getting a lead to convert, make purchases and keep coming back for more. The software automates a series of customised responses based on the operator’s data that nurture an authentic relationship, helping the lead to become comfortable placing deposits and bets on a new platform, thus bringing the operator (and you) more income.

What to look for in a marketing automation platform

The faster operators respond to a user who is frustrated, stalling, confused or facing difficulty, the more likely they are to convert and retain them as a customer. However, operators also need to utilise their data in real time, to generate the most appropriate, relevant and personalised response.

For example, if someone has signed up for a new gaming platform and made a deposit but hasn’t yet begun playing, they need to spot whether the player is perhaps overwhelmed by the options or confused about how to begin, and this needs to be done swiftly. Get it right and respond in time, and you’ll score a happy new referral who trusts you, feels comfortable on the new platform and is willing to make ongoing bets, which will boost your long-term earnings.

All of this depends on an automation platform that utilises the data in "real" real time and at lightning speed. Accessing all the data about the user, their activity, and responding in the most personal, contextual way is a process that needs to take place within seconds, not minutes.

“Real” real time is a game-changer

That’s the difference between “real time” and “real real time” that affiliates and operators notice when using data management and marketing automation platforms. These platforms pull together data from distributed offline and online sources like CRMs, apps, websites, databases and call centres to create a personal customer journeys for each player and respond to their actions and non-actions within 1.8 seconds.

Using data management and marketing automation, operators can create effective dynamic content and personalised special offers for each and every player, alongside a web of triggers based on each player’s specific historical data, and current actions and preferences.

When the platform triggers an automatic response, it applies all the data and sends a response that is relevant, personal and delivered through the appropriate channel, such as pop-ups, email, push notifications, text messages and other channels.

Both small and large companies like Codere and DelaSport have chosen to work with such platforms, like Solitics, recognising the value it brings. These and other operators pursue data-driven real time capabilities, enabling operators to push the right content to the right lead at exactly the right moment. Working with the raw data and responding in real time, based on all the available data, enables operators and affiliates to increase conversion, retention and generate revenue uplifts of 15% or higher.

A revenue boost for affiliates

In the face of such challenging conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic, affiliates need to do all they can to ease the way for new referrals. It makes sense to favour the operators who use tools that will help them meet these challenges. Providing the most personalised, contextual customer experience to every player will accomplish just that. Don’t settle for dumb luck. Tilt the odds in your favour by working with operators that use technology, and maximise your work and income.

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