20 May, 2021

Product Review: TI-TO Tickets from Moniko

Moniko is the first and only approved company in Europe, based in Macedonia, to produce TI-TO tickets for slot machines since 1993.

Moniko has become a global supplier, keeping up with the latest technology and following the innovations. We are a European supplier among slot clubs and relevant corporations, as well being in the markets of Australia, Africa, Asia and Central America.

The tickets are made according to the strict IGT standards, on the paper KANZAN KL69 produced in Germany. The paper is approved by JCM, Transact and Nanoptix for use in their printers and Moniko as a producer has certificates for the TI-TO tickets from JCM and Nanoptix. Using a certified paper for the TI-TO Tickets means that the tickets won’t curl up in the printer, no paper dust in the printers and scanners, consistent paper thickness, and no additional service and maintenance will be needed. We can produce the tickets blank or personalized with a logo, picture or security mark, which can be fluorescent or transparent visible under UV light. We can use up to 7 colours: CMYK, Pantone, fluorescent and other special colours.

The tickets can be in packs of 200/400/600or 800 according to the customer needs. All packs are shrink-wrapped, and this keeps the tickets safe from dust, humidity and in-transit mish-ups. We ship the packs stored in boxes, and they are securely placed on EU pallets with additional folie stretching. The best of all when choosing MONIKO is our short production time, only 3-5 days from the order. For European based customers, this means they have the tickets at their address in just one to three weeks from order. So, no more closed cash flow, storage for the whole year, and planning the stock a couple of months in advance.