6 November, 2023

Product Review: Jumbo Technology - The P-43 Jackpot Link slot machine

Gambling Insider takes a close look at some of the exciting products that are now available on the casino floor

Jumbo Technology is dedicated to developing high-quality products and achieving breakthroughs in technology, with a variety of its products gaining popularity in the market.

At the end of 2023, casinos in both South Korea and the Philippines introduced the flagship model, the P-43 Jackpot Link Slot Machine, aiming to inject new excitement into the gaming market and enhance player experiences with this advanced gaming machine.

The P-43 Jackpot Link Slot Machine, integrated with the ‘Jin Fa Cai’ jackpot, features two games: ‘Money Bull’ and ‘Money Tiger.’ These games have made consecutive appearances in various Integrated Resorts (IRs), generating enthusiastic responses.

Certified for quality, the P-43 Jackpot Link Slot Machine boasts a 43-inch 4K curved touch screen, immersive audio, and a noise-reduction design, all of which work together to enhance the gaming experience while minimising noise.

The associated games, ‘Money Bull’ and ‘Money Tiger™’ under the ‘Jin Fa Cai™’ jackpot link, offer the unique ‘Spin & Stack’ gameplay, enabling players to collect coins and unlock higher-level rewards.

With its powerful game engine and innovative gameplay, the machine provides players with a visually stunning, audibly pleasing, and exciting gaming experience, complete with simple yet entertaining gameplay and dynamic audio-visual effects.

  The P-43 Jackpot Link Slot Machine, widely discussed and powerful in its impact, is slated to complete its rollout across Asia by 2024, accompanied by the launch of several new games.