26 January, 2024

Q&A with GR8 Tech's CEO Evgen Belousov: The right solutions

CEO of GR8 Tech, Evgen Belousov, speaks to Gambling Insider about identifying growth opportunities and how the supplier aims to help iGaming operators break into the market

Tell us about GR8 tech.

Focusing on our clients’ unique challenges, we deliver best-in-class full technology synergies across the entire user lifecycle, as well as exceptional customer service. Our ethos is about nurturing lifetime partnerships through personalised, adaptable and highly profitable solutions that bring tangible results to our clients. Essentially, we offer the tools and support that empower iGaming operators to elevate their status from market participants to industry leaders. Our platform is a comprehensive resource designed to evolve alongside our clients’ growing ambitions in the world of iGaming.

What technological developments has GR8 Tech been working on?

Ubiquitous AI is definitely one of the most important things we’ve been exploring lately. Looking ahead, we’re particularly excited about the potential of generative AI. It can change how we manage our platform, enhancing customer support and maintaining the high SLAs our clients expect.

Talking about new developments product-wise, we’ve been focused on refining our platform in many ways, from fine-tuning particular elements to introducing new features (BetBuilder) and even products (GR8 Sportsbook iFrame).

Talk to us about the GR8 Sportsbook launched back in August.

The GR8 Sportsbook is our flagship product, uniquely designed to boost operators’ earning potential through unique margin management capabilities, guaranteeing improved sportsbook margins within just 12 months. Another feature that sets GR8 Sportsbook apart is its ability to handle intense user loads with 99.99% uptime, ensuring uninterrupted, seamless betting experiences even during peak traffic periods. But it’s not just about robust performance. GR8 Sportsbook is known for its comprehensive event coverage, offering an array of diverse and dynamic betting options – more than 25,000 events every day – that cater to a diverse global audience. Our platform goes beyond what external feeds offer by integrating our proprietary feed and trading service.

How do you identify growth opportunities in the market?

Our strategy hinges on a blend of comprehensive market analysis, data-driven insights and active client collaboration. We constantly explore both established and emerging markets, paying close attention to regulatory shifts, technological advancements and player behavior trends. Additionally, we place great emphasis on feedback from our clients, as it provides invaluable insights into the operator’s perspective, helping us refine our solutions to meet real-world challenges. For example, the development of a lightweight front-end specifically for the African market is a direct response to the unique needs and technological infrastructure of that region.

What does it take for an operator to launch a successful online casino?

Launching a successful online casino is a complex but rewarding endeavour, requiring a strategic blend of essential elements and meticulous planning. Key among these is the aggregation of top content providers, ensuring a casino offers the best and most relevant games to attract and retain players. In each region, the specifics of casino content vary, making it crucial to tailor offerings to local tastes and preferences. An operator must have a clear, unique concept for their casino, setting them apart in a competitive market. Choosing the right technology partner is crucial, as the quality and reliability of the online casino software will underpin the entire operation. The software must be feature-rich, user-friendly and adaptable to market needs.

Operators must be able to navigate the legal landscape, secure the necessary online casino licences and ensure compliance with all regulatory standards. Marketing strategies significantly gain visibility and attract users, leveraging tactics like SEO, social media marketing and promotions. Implementing secure and varied payment processing options is essential for building user trust. After the launch, continuous customer support and retention efforts are crucial for maintaining a strong player base. Lastly, operators should plan for future growth and expansion, constantly updating their offerings and keeping abreast of industry trends.

What are GR8 Tech’s plans for 2024?

First and foremost, the upcoming year will be exciting for us, with the announcement of several new client partnerships. These significant contracts, coupled with our ongoing efforts to augment our portfolio with a diverse range of content providers, will fuel our growth trajectory throughout 2024.

Then, many product updates and new developments are in the pipeline. The upcoming version of our Betbuilder for GR8 Sportsbook will feature extensive cricket coverage that’s in high demand across Asian audiences – Indian, in particular. We’re going to improve GR8 CRM with new ML models to further enhance their proactivity, allowing operators to predict their players’ behaviour better and offer bonuses and communications in advance, drastically increasing user retention. A lot of exciting updates await GR8 Payment Gateway, too. And the continued evolution of our GR8 Sportsbook and GR8 Casino Aggregation will remain central to our strategy in the coming year.

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