26 January, 2024

Product Review: Zitro - Double Link

While not exactly new on the market, this video slot product has gone live at the newly relocated Casino Bilbao.

Hosted on the Illusion Glare gaming cabinet, the Double Link library of games comes pre-installed with four titles that are exclusive to the product; Anubis Pharaoh, Enchantment’s Dragon, Mystic Empire and Indian Wolf.

The video slots offer five reels and 243 ways to win and a multi-game progressive link, while the game itself is run on a next-gen processor. Additional features include free games and spins, extended wilds and a bonus specific to the progressive link.

Imagery from the video slot games vary, depending which title is being played. While Anubis Pharaoh features wilds in the shape of Sphynx statues and cats, Mystic Empire has symbols consisting of dragons and eagles.

The Double Link games display the current Mega and Super jackpot tiers above the reels themselves, so that customers can always see what the totals are at the time of playing.

The cabinet itself has a 43” ultra HD curved touchscreen, developed for better accessibility for customers, as well as a SmartDeck digital keypad and LED halo.

The Double Link library has most recently been installed at Casino Bilbao in Spain, only strengthening its presence in the country.

Jaime Aníbal-Álvarez, Zitro Director of Casinos Spain, said: “We’re thrilled to introduce our latest offering to Casino Bilbao, elevating the entertainment experience for its customers. We believe Luckia’s significant commitment to Zitro products will bring positive outcomes for all”.

The Double Link from Zitro has previously been released in Gran Madrein, PlayCity, Gran Canaria Casino and Casino Colón.

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