26 January, 2024

Q&A with Emerchantpay Deputy CEO Alexander Berrai: Providing the best solution

Deputy CEO Alexander Berrai talks to Gambling Insider about Emerchantpay’s partnership with Pinnacle and how it aims to help operators within the gambling industry

How important has Emerchantpay been in Pinnacle’s expansion in Ontario?

Emerchantpay played a key role, providing comprehensive support to enable the successful expansion of Pinnacle in Ontario. Navigating the nuances of local payment regulation and requirements, our partnership ensures a stable, secure and compliant solution to support Pinnacle’s successful launch in the new market. We are committed to delivering services tailored to the unique needs of our clients and local markets around the world.

Where does Ontario rank among the markets Emerchantpay currently operates in?

We provide a global payment solution which requires our teams to stay on top of local payment method adoption, local legislation and other market requirements for us to successfully expand our international footprint. Ontario is an example of how Emerchantpay can quickly adapt to our client’s plans to enter a new market with evolving requirements and rules.

What are Emerchantpay’s own expansion plans?

We are constantly expanding our global footprint. Emerchantpay currently operates offices in 19 countries including the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Brazil, the US, India, Cape Town and Dubai. Our plans include further increasing Emerchantpay’s presence in Latin America and Asia; as such, we are looking to expand our local presence in these regions as early as 2024, with Mexico coming up next. Our firm belief centres around constantly improving our capabilities to not only meet our clients’ expectations but to ensure they have all the needed payment solutions in place so that they’re well-positioned for success.

How important was it to extend Emerchantpay’s deal with Pinnacle?

Our long-term partnership with Pinnacle not only reinforces their confidence but also highlights Emerchantpay as a trusted and reliable payments partner. Working closely with Pinnacle, we provide support every step of the way as they venture into new markets. The extension of this partnership is a result of mutual trust and a shared commitment to continued success.

How do Emerchantpay’s payment services give a competitive edge within the gambling industry?

The secret is our team! Our people across departments including product, risk, compliance and sales, have years of experience in the gambling industry. Their knowledge, insights, in-depth understanding alongside keeping up with the latest card schemes requirements, regulations and product needs as well as a personal service – our clients can speak to people dedicated to their account rather than having to call a helpline – shape our competitive edge. Having more than 20 years of experience in the payments industry as a trusted organisation adds further value.

How important are Emerchantpay’s services in improving revenue for operators in the gambling sector?

A speedy reaction to constantly evolving requirements is key. This could mean new payment method integrations or adaptations to changes in local regulations like in Ontario, so our clients can successfully enter new markets. Furthermore, we work closely with operators to constantly improve their acceptance rates, while constantly ensuring fully compliant risk and compliance measures are in place. This establishes a solid foundation so operators can maximise their revenue.

Can you explain how Emerchantpay’s risk management protocols work to protect both operators and players?

Our risk team works closely with operators to ensure both are protected. Our solution extends beyond real-time transaction monitoring, advanced fraud prevention tools and diligent compliance checks, to offer a secure payment environment that operators and players can trust. Recognising the unique risk requirements in each market, our solution is tailored to fully align with these requirements. For example, in our partnership with Pinnacle for their expansion in Ontario, the local authorities required the establishment of deposit limits for players, and the assurance of protection of both players and operators.

What challenges has Emerchantpay faced with regard to fraud prevention?

Our fraud prevention and risk management strategy is an area we continuously invest in and innovate to stay ahead of the curve. While fraud challenges emerge every day, we adhere to a multi-faceted approach to mitigate fraud risks. Among the frequent challenges today, we acknowledge increased attempts of phishing and other payment data breaches, which are unsuccessful when it comes to our systems thanks to our vigilant fraud prevention solutions. Emerchantpay is constantly implementing sophisticated and secure authentication methods, improving payment security and ascertaining a resilient defense against the ever-expanding spectrum of cyber threats; be they familiar, emerging or entirely unforeseen.

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