Ladbrokes tennis Tweet ads get banned for potentially attracting minors

This ruling marks a continued step in the ASA coming down hard to ensure responsible advertising practices in the industry.

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In a recent ruling, Ladbrokes' advertisements featuring tweets promoting tennis betting have been banned due to their potential appeal to those under 18 years of age.

This decision is part of a broader effort to restrict gambling ads that could strongly attract minors, under reinforced regulations.

The four tweets in question, posted in January and February 2023, showcased the Australian Open tournament and engaged users with questions and polls.

One tweet celebrated Novak Djokovic's impressive winning streak, while another announced his victory in the men's championship.

The other two tweets featured polls related to the tournament.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) challenged these tweets for featuring Djokovic and other prominent players who might appeal to a younger audience.

In response, Ladbrokes stated that it carefully examined each player's media profile, follower demographics and sponsorships to ensure they wouldn't strongly attract those under 18 years.

Ladbrokes presented data revealing that the players' social media followings were predominantly composed of individuals aged 21 and above. It also claimed to have taken precautions by targeting the ads exclusively to users over 25.

However, the ASA deemed the ads in violation of regulations designed to protect minors from gambling content.

This ban follows an ongoing push to tighten rules surrounding gambling advertising, especially in the digital sphere.

Earlier this year, the ASA made a very similar ruling that a tweet by Ladbrokes violated the UK’s regulations surrounding appealing to people under the age of 18.

Following Jake Paul's defeat to Tommy Fury, Ladbrokes originally tweeted a picture of the former YouTube celebrity turned boxer.

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