Ghana football chief implicated in match-fixing scandal

By Brad Allen
An investigation by The Telegraph and the Channel 4 programme Dispatches alleges that the president of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kwesi Nyantakyi, would allow the team to take part in fixed matches.

As part of a six-month investigation, undercover reporters approached Christopher Forsythe, a Fifa accredited agent, who arranged meetings with Nyantakyi at a hotel in Miami.

In a secret recording of the meeting, Forsythe can be heard saying: “The referees can change the matches every time. Even in England it does happen.

"We will get the officials that we have greased their palms, so they will do it. If we bring in our own officials to do the match…You’re making your money.”

The undercover video also appears to show Nyantakyi agreeing on a trial basis to allow 'Diamond Capital' - a fictitious firm - to appoint referees for Ghana football matches.

The only reservation he mentions is that Diamond Capital will not be able to organise enough games.

Following the release of the footage, Nyantaki told the BBC: "The contents of the publication are not wholly true."

"I was given a draft contract which I indicated to their agent that I hadn't read and I also had some issues with it and so it will be premature for anybody to say the GFA is at fault."

He is now suing The Telegraph.

The GFA is standing by its president, asking that police investigate Forsyth and an associate: "We wish to state that the GFA did not sign the contract as we waited for the response from the legal committee and that the two gentlemen did not make such corrupt offers to the GFA or its officials.”

There are no allegations concerning any World Cup games, although Fifa's director of security Ralf Mutschke said before the tournament: "The final is not at risk [from fixers]. The group stage is a different situation."

Ghana drew 2-2 with Germany in Brazil on Saturday.


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