Exclusive Q & A: SG Digital re-brands its two partner streams

By Nathan Joyes

Gambling Insider exclusively spoke with Steve Mayes, Partnership Director at SG Digital, and Rob Procter, Studio Director at SG Digital, about the supplier’s decision to introduce Connect and Amplify as part of its casino partner programme.

Why has SG Digital decided to rename the two partner streams Connect and Amplify? What were the streams previously called?

RP: Our casino partner programme is designed to bring an enhanced service to operators, third-party content providers and game studios, ultimately giving better gaming experiences to players. We renamed the two partner streams to better capture the wealth of benefits these programmes offer. Connect and Amplify live up to these names by linking partners to operators who want more content and giving third-party studios a bigger audience. They create connections and turn up the volume on content, positioning us as the number-one choice for operators.

SM: At the heart of our approach is the two-sided network, with our stable casino platform sitting between the two partner streams. The previous streams were simply known as 2pp and 3pp; we’re hopeful renaming them will give greater clarity as to what exactly every casino partner gets from the programme. The number of operators now live with our platform is a testament to the depth and breadth of content studios we have available. We felt it was the right time to enhance the programme even further to help our partners achieve greater business growth.

Can you describe the differences between Connect and Amplify?

RP: The Connect stream allows games studios to utilise our experience and help create quality, feature-rich games in a more efficient and effective way. Our dedicated team is on hand to deliver game engines and additional support to our partners. Game production and delivery to operators has been cleverly refined to provide them with greater transparency, competitive rates and the highest level of predictability in content launches.

SM: Amplify provides third-party suppliers with access to the industry’s largest distribution network, helping them expand the reach of their content through a simple integration onto our casino platform. We’re far from a standard content aggregator and believe in providing operators with all the tools required to provide a fun and entertaining user journey, not just offering a selection of games. We offer an array of promotional tools such as free spins and jackpots, which complement the scale and volume of game distribution.

What do the new programmes bring to the table that you were previously missing?

RP: Connect allows studios to push creative boundaries and make their design ambitions a reality. Our platform and game development teams continue to expand, and with their industry experience, together we can bring greater innovation to the online casino environment. The other big positive for our partners is our speed to market – we have refined our processes to make game development and release as predictable and efficient as possible.

SM: What’s great for operators is all our innovative features work across our content, regardless of who supplied the games. Promotional and gamification tools such as cutting-edge missions and leaderboards play a significant role in attracting new players and keeping them engaged.

To what extent has the rebrand been launched with a view to greater expansion in the US?

SM: While the potential for more states embracing online gaming is an exciting opportunity and one we’re ready to capitalise on, the rebrand of the casino partner programme is designed to help all our partners from around the globe.

With our casino platform featuring more than 2,000 games and live in 20 regulated jurisdictions, we can offer partners a long-term strategy to achieve global success. The platform offers a vast number of brands, exclusive intellectual properties and features, all of which create exciting player experiences.

Partners will have access to 130 partners in 20 regulated jurisdictions. How do you expect these numbers to grow in the coming years? Do you have a set target?

SM: Absolutely, which is why we’re taking every step possible to ensure we are the platform of choice for operators. The rebranded casino partner programme will go a long way to ensuring we are delivering the next generation of games to the market and provide operators with an attractive, scalable and robust platform they can easily access.

RP: We fully expect our operator network to grow and expand into further regulated markets. To make this possible, we have to continue adding exciting new games into the mix. At present, we have more than 2,000 games on our platform and expect to add many more throughout the year. While there are no specific targets set, we delivered more than 600 new games last year and expect to achieve the same numbers again in 2019.

Entering a new market is made much simpler thanks to our technology, with a single, seamless integration managing all the complexities that come with a regulated online casino. Central to this process is our Game Client Middleware technology, which helps partners when dealing with regulatory issues and accessing our range of features.


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