AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service Returns over $5m

Today, the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service has arrived at a highly important milestone – $5m has been returned to players. About a year ago, this amount was $2.7m and in a single year it soared to astonishing $5m.

This substantial growth has not happened by chance. On the contrary, it’s the result of years of dedicated and hard work the AskGamblers team has put in. Since the launch of the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service in 2009, its popularity among players has only increased.

So far, 7788 complaints have been received and considered: some were rejected, but the majority, 5055 complaints to be precise, was published. 62% of published complaints were successfully resolved resulting in the stunning amount of $5m that has been returned to players up to now.

The whole service has been started with the firm belief that players deserve to get a fair game. Guided by this idea, AskGamblers has grew into this top casino portal that has helped numerous players. It acts as a mediator between players and casinos giving both parties a unique chance to resolve their issues fair and quickly. Above everything else, it’s driven by integrity, transparency, and fair play.

If you’re experiencing any trouble with an online casino listed on AskGamblers, feel free to submit a complaint, or if you are just interested in learning more, feel free to read Insight in AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service.

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