Within 3 days Betinvest held more than 80 meetings at ICE Totally Gaming in London

ICE Totally Gaming 2016 exhibition– one of the gambling world’s biggest public events - has just finished in London. Among the industry’s leading brands there was a big stand of BetInvest IT-company. This software developer with offices in England and Ukraine specializes in providing turnkey solutions for sports betting and other branches of gambling. Sergei Efimenko, Betinvest CEO, shared his exhibition impressions with Bookmakersrating.ru .

ICE is the biggest event in the world of gambling business and a “must visit” for all of the industry’s top-managers. The most important deals and contracts get nascent just then. There’s only one problem. Three days are usually not enough to discuss everything and hold all the necessary meetings. That’s why we had to go non-stop: each meeting took not more than 10-15 minutes while our schedule, accurate to fifteen minutes, was prepared about two weeks before the event.

We had many meetings (over 80). Among other people, we met representatives of international big-named brands. We continue our conversations with them hoping to collaborate in the future. Besides, we’ve made several contracts to provide our data feeds and white label solutions at the show. It is important that we put them into practice as soon as possible.

At this year’s ICE Totally Gaming we presented four of our products: the online white label itself alongside with terminals, retail solution and live odds feed . The advantages of these products are strong in-play mode, automated risk-management and our own high-tech platform. All our products are made in-house, all the development and operating are done by our own forces (more than 600 specialists working in several offices). Along the way, we’ve managed to build up a strong team of live-bookmakers and developers of mathematical models for automatic in-play trading, which we monthly improve (new release comes every three-four weeks). We intensively develop unique live-trends: comparison of basketball teams in rebounds, attempts of doubles and triples, live-comparison of basketball players, aces and double faults in tennis live.

Betinvest products are in fact an opportunity to scale 16 years of FavBet bookmaker brand’s operating experience into different world’s markets via all possible channels: online, mobile, retail and terminals. World’s gambling business becomes more and more regulated and today one cannot, like bet365 did it five years ago, conquer com-domain markets with all guns blazing only by having a good product.

We have defined the target markets for our own B2C operating. These are Croatia, Romania, Ukraine and Belarus. Due to variety of causes we find no point, for the time being, in entering other markets (including Russia) with either operating or direct investments. It is much more important for us to have strategic partners in those countries, for whom we shall be a reliable provider of a technological product".

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