LOTTOTECH seals major deal with BetConstruct

LOTTOTECH just struck one of the most significant deals this year. The leading lottery platform provider will supply cutting-edge online lottery solutions and services for award-winning betting and gaming software developer and provider BetConstruct. LOTTOTECH’s powerful online lottery platform will enable BetConstruct clients from casino and sports betting to diversify their end-user offering with instant and reliable online access to the world’s biggest and most exciting official lotteries.

The strategic partnership is a win-win game for both parties. On one hand, LOTTOTECH is expanding operations further towards the gaming industry by joining forces with the global market leader. On the other, BetConstruct is securing its way into the fastest growing online gaming vertical by choosing the most advanced and reliable lottery platform provider.

LOTTOTECH has provided BetConstruct with a tailored online lottery solution including access to a wide variety to famous lotteries from around the world, advanced back office and exclusive features to maximize the cross-selling capability of their current client offerings.

“The online lottery vertical shows enormous potential and we firmly believe it is the right direction both for us and for our clients. We chose LOTTOTECH as our lottery platform provider because they were able to offer an easy-to-integrate, scalable and reliable solution with the level of flexibility to perfectly match our needs and goals”, explained BetConstruct CEO Vahe Baloulian.

The deal is another reached milestone on LOTTOTECH’s way towards becoming the global leader in online lottery B2B solutions and services. Over the last year, the company has opened up the online lottery industry with a growing number of white label brands and a steady expansion across other online gaming verticals. “BetConstruct made the right choice. We are delighted to step up our game with one of the industry’s finest”, commented LOTTOTECH CEO Delzar Khalaf.

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