BtoBet to attend Betting on Football Conference

BtoBet is looking forward to attending London’s Betting on Football conference on 3-5 May. Chairman, Alessandro Fried and CEO, Kostandina Zafirovska will meet bookmakers interested in gaining a deeper insight into the innovative technologies that attract traditional and non-traditional punters, and delivering the best experience to bettors to retain them.

On 3rd May, Zafirovska will discuss with other betting industry suppliers the key issues affecting the value chain across the sector. The CEO’s round table, scheduled at Stamford Bridge at 4.30pm, will explore the B2B online gaming suppliers market, the consequences of multi-asset enterprises and the risks partners can incur when deciding to move product development in-house.

The Betting on Football conference will also be the perfect occasion to debate how online and mobile betting are becoming very challenging in the iGaming business and how technology is playing a key role in the football betting industry. In fact, players are turning more tech-savvy and becoming ever more demanding, pushing firms towards effective strategies and technology to improve their service, boost player confidence and increase player lifetime values.

Commenting on the upcoming Betting on Football event and on her participation on the panel, Zafirovska said: "Football betting is going through an evolutionary period and I firmly believe technology can help bookmakers’ operators to reach the final bettor with ease. At BtoBet, we are renowned for providing solutions to help understand player behaviour. The selection of events must be quick and the customers need suggestions to access their preferred content, in a click. The Sportsbetting Recommendation Engine (RE) completely fulfils this need, collecting and analysing large amounts of information on player’s behaviour, activities and preferences, predicting what players would like to receive.”

Zafirovska also highlighted: “BtoBet’s augmented reality (AR) mobile CRM tool, which includes a virtual assistant, is a perfect example of how bookmakers’ operators should continue to utilise industry platform and software providers to deliver the right messages to a technologically minded audience and connect with their customers on a deeper level.”


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